Office of Accountability

What is a DINI?

Under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), there are four core accountability measures: ELA, Math, Elementary/Middle-level Science, and graduation rate.  To be identified for improvement status in an accountability area, a district must fail to make adequately yearly progress (AYP) for two consecutive years in ELA or Mathematics at both instructional levels (elementary/middle and secondary), or in Science, or in graduation rate. 

The first year that an identified district makes AYP at one or both instructional levels, it remains in the same status on the accountability continuum.  If a previously identified district fails to make AYP at each applicable instructional level in the accountability area for which it was identified, it moves to the next highest level on the continuum.  A district that makes AYP for two consecutive years is removed from improvement status for the measure in which it was identified.  A district may be identified for improvement even if no school in the district is identified for improvement.  If a district fails to make AYP after two consecutive years, the State Education Department requires the district to take corrective action steps.
The AOC project aims to find new ways to strengthen curriculum and school-community involvement for the purpose of improving student performance and preserving best practice solutions.