Office of Accountability

Audit of Curriculum

The New York State Education Department, through the Title I Office of School Improvement and Community Services, manages the Audit of Written, Tested and Taught Curriculum (AOC) Project throughout New York State. Each year, districts in need of improvement (DINI) that have moved into Year 3/Corrective Action status on our Accountability system are required to conduct an AOC, in lieu of the more onerous sanctions required under NCLB. This is designed to enable districts in Corrective Action to address identified deficiencies in their curriculum and to implement innovative and specific interventions aimed at improving student performance through:

  • Data collection that highlights both the challenges and successful practices throughout the district;
  • Co-interpretation processes that produce a comprehensive set of data results and outlines the next step expectations and goals;
  • Action Plan development that responds to district needs and strengthens the curriculum through innovative initiatives.

In addition to working with district members, the AOC project connects local stakeholders to the process through Steering Committees. The Steering Committee adds community support for the process as well as serving as a sounding board for ideas. The AOC project also links districts from across New York State through discussion forums. Before the final Action Plan is created, districts attend a statewide session to exchange best practice ideas, discuss similar findings and look for creative ways to collaborate in order to maximize success.

Last Updated: July 6, 2012