Office of Accountability

Office of Accountability Internships

Currently, due to the fiscal constraints at NYSED, most the Student Internships are non-paid, academic credit based experience. However, there is specific funding for students attending SUNY.

The Office of Accountability has fully utilized the services of undergraduate and graduate student interns on a regular basis.  Typically, interns are referred from the Department's Undergraduate and Graduate Student Intern Program.  Under the direction of an Associate, the selected intern(s) will assist staff in the implementation of the Regents strategic vision for P-12 and to prepare for internal meetings, distribute agendas, compile summaries of the discussions, and ensure that assignments of the various subcommittees of the work group are coordinated.  This opportunity will provide the selected intern(s) with a valuable experience as it pertains to school accountability.

Interns will be trained to conduct research, analyze data, and assist with preparing reports pertaining to issues regarding school accountability.  Selected interns will assist in developing correspondence to the field, such as identification of schools for registration review and/or persistently lowest achieving, adequate yearly progress targets, supplementary performance indicators for special schools and other issues relating to school accountability. Selected interns will participate in numerous workgroups to assist staff in the work of the Office.

Interns will receive an orientation to the State Education Department, and its system of accountability.  The selected intern(s) will have opportunities to learn how to review performance data to determine the accountability status of schools.  The intern will participate in a variety of meetings. This internship would be beneficial to students pursuing degrees in education, social sciences, history, policy studies and/or other related fields (inclusive of law students with similar interest).

Continuously, we seek research interns for the following positions, which are listed under the Office of Elementary, Middle, Secondary and Continuing Education - P-12 and are NYC-based placements:

How to Apply

There are other internship assignments in the Department through the Graduate Student Intern Program (undergraduate students should still apply). Individuals interested in applying for one of these internships must first complete the required Undergraduate Application or Graduate Application (include a resume and cover letter).  We will review the application, and schedule candidates to be interviewed.  There is a two-phase interview process:

  • Phase I is the face-to-face interview.
  • Phase II is the written interview.  Candidates must submit an academic/professional writing sample (of their choosing).  In addition, they must complete the Student Intern Project.  These can be submitted prior to the interview or a date determined by the Interview Team.

Any questions regarding these intership positions, please contact Paulette Coppin, Associate at 718 722 2777 or Crystal Cumberbatch-Greene, Supervisor at 718-722-5963.

Last Updated: August 20, 2014