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DTSDE Review Reports

2013-14 DTSDE Reports

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Addison CSD pdf (586 KB) 

Addison Middle-High School pdf (696 KB)

Albany City SD

Arkport CSD

Auburn Enlarged City SD pdf (630 KB)

Auburn Junior High School pdf (633 KB)

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Batavia City SD pdf (757 KB) 

Batavia Middle School pdf (740 KB) 

Beacon City SD

Binghamton CSD 

East Middle School pdf (697 KB) 

Buffalo CSD

Modified DTSDE Reports

PS 200 Bennett High School pdf (251 KB) 

East High School pdf (301 KB) 

The International School pdf (246 KB) 

Lafayette High School pdf (284 KB) 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural Institute (PS 39)pdf(226KB)

South Park High School #2060 pdf (230 KB) 

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Cairo-Durham CSD pdf (628 KB)

Cairo Durham Middle School pdf (716 KB)

Canisteo-Greenwood CSD

Catskill CSD

Central Islip CS

Marguerite L. Mulvey Elementary School pdf (325 KB)

Cortland Enlarged City SD pdf (622 KB)

Cortland Junior-Senior High School pdf (325 KB)

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Dunkirk City SD

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Elmira City SD

Broadway Middle School pdf (611 KB)

Southside High School pdf (707 KB)

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Fallsburg SD

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Geneva City SD

Gloversville Enlarged SD pdf (622 KB) 

Gloversville Middle School pdf (731 KB)

Greater Amsterdam SD (Enlarged Amsterdam City SD)

Amsterdam High School pdf (602 KB)

 Wilbur H. Lynch Literacy Academy pdf (600 KB)

Greenburgh Eleven UFSD

Groton CSD

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Hannibal CSD pdf (633 KB)

Dennis M. Kenney Middle School pdf (752 KB) 

Hastings-on-Hudson CSD

Hempstead UFSD

Franklin School pdf (581 KB) 

Modified DTSDE Reports

Hempstead High School pdf (257 KB) 

Hudson City SD pdf (619 KB)

Hudson Falls CSD 

Huntington UFSD

Hyde Park CSD pdf (641 KB)

Franklin D Roosevelt Senior High School pdf (721 KB)

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Jamestown City SD pdf (620 KB)

Thomas Jefferson Middle School pdf (720 KB)

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Kingston City SD pdf (596 KB)

J. Watson Bailey Middle School pdf (580 KB)

Kenmore Tonawanda Union Free SD pdf (628 KB)

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Lackawanna City SD pdf (488 KB)

Martin Road Elementary School pdf (488 KB)

Lake Placid CSD

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Malone CSD                                                                                                                                                                        

Manhasset UFSD

Moriah CSD

Mount Vernon City SD pdf (634 KB)

Longfellow Middle School pdf (306 KB) 

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Newburgh Enlarged City SD pdf (705 KB)

Heritage Middle School pdf (726 KB)

Northville CSD

Norwich CSD

Norwood-Norfolk CSD

Norwood-Norfolk High School pdf (690 KB)

NYC District 1

       Marta Valle High School pdf (355 KB) 

NYC District 2

Modified DTSDE Reports

Chelsea Career and Technical Education High School pdf (550 KB)

NYC District 4

Global Neighborhood Secondary School pdf (567 KB)  

NYC District 5

Mahalia Jackson School PS/MS 123 pdf (284 KB)             

NYC District 7  

IS 224 The Science School for Exploration and Discovery pdf (812 KB)  

NYC District 8 

MS 301 Paul L. Dunbar pdf (790 KB)  

PS 107 pdf (643 KB)  

NYC District 9 

DreamYard Preparatory School 329 pdf (637 KB)  

IS 219 New Venture Academy pdf (750 KB)

JHS 22 Jordan L. Mott pdf (738 KB)

New Millennium Business Academy Middle School pdf (367 KB)   

NYC District 10          

NYC District 11

Bronxwood Preparatory Academy pdf (733 KB)  

NYC District 12 

Intermediate School 217 School of Performing Arts  pdf (759 KB)  

PS 50 Clara Barton pdf (757 KB)  

NYC District 13

George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education pdf (774 KB)

NYC District 14

Modified DTSDE Reports

Automotive High School pdf (487 KB)

NYC District 15

  Modified DTSDE Reports

Cobble Hill School for American Studies pdf (550 KB)

NYC District 16

  The Academy of Instructional Technology pdf (308 KB)

NYC District 17

W. E. B. Dubois High School pdf (754 KB)

NYC District 19

East New York Elementary School of Excellence pdf (741 KB)

NYC District 20

   Modified DTSDE Reports

Franklin D. Roosevelt High School pdf (562 KB)

NYC District 21

Modified DTSDE Reports

William E. Grady Career and Technical Education HS pdf (489 KB)

NYC District 26

Martin Van Buren High School pdf (320 KB) 

NYC District 29 

NYC District 30 

NYC District 31 

NYC District 32 

Bushwick Leaders High School for Academic Excellence pdf (812 KB) 


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Olean City SD pdf (564 KB)   

Olean Intermediate Middle School pdf (286 KB)   

Oswego City SD

Oxford Academy and City SD pdf (600 KB)

Oxford Academy Middle School pdf (656 KB)

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Poughkeepsie City SD

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Richfield Springs CSD

Ripley CSD

Rochester CSD

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School No. 22 pdf (631 KB)

Dr. Louis A. Cerulli School 34 pdf (730 KB)

Enrico Fermi School #17 pdf (348 KB)

John James Audubon School pdf (576 KB)   

Joseph C Wilson Foundation Academy pdf (706 KB)   

Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School pdf (580 KB)

Rome CSD

Lyndon H. Strough Middle School pdf (693 KB)

Roosevelt UFSD

Roosevelt Middle School pdf (738 KB)   

Roscoe CSD

Roscoe Central School pdf (699 KB)   

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Salmon River CSD

Saranac CSD pdf (722 KB)

Saranac Middle School pdf (734 KB)

Schenectady City SD pdf (617 KB)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet School pdf (737 KB)

Hamilton Elementary School pdf (320 KB) 

Sidney CSD

South Country CSD

Syracuse CSD pdf (665 KB)

Clary Middle School pdf (789 KB)

Dr. Edwin E. Weeks Elementary School pdf (732 KB)

Dr. King Elementary School pdf (309 KB)  

Franklin Elementary School pdf (327 KB) 

Hulburt W. Smith K-8 School pdf (708 KB)

Lincoln Middle School pdf (304 KB)   

Modified DTSDE Reports

Delaware Academy pdf (267 KB) 

Fowler High School pdf (233 KB) 

Hughes Elementary School pdf (247 KB) 

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Troy City SD  

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Utica CSD

John F. Kennedy Middle School pdf (726 KB)

Thomas R. Proctor High School pdf (704 KB)

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Waterville CSD

Wellsville CSD

Wellsville High School pdf (341 KB)

Wellsville Middle School pdf (715 KB)

Wyandanch UFSD

Whitney Point CSD

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Yonkers City SD pdf (616 KB)

Museum School 25 pdf (293 KB)

Yonkers Middle School pdf (279 KB)

Scholastic Academy for Academic Excellence pdf (288 KB)   

Modified DTSDE Reports

Cross Hill Academy pdf (204 KB) 

Early College High School pdf (704 KB)   

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Last Updated: September 12, 2014