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Differentiated Accountability Joint Intervention Team Review Process

2010-11 JIT Reports/Documents





Winter - Spring 2011 JIT Reports

Albany CSD
William S. Hackett MS pdf document(176 KB)

Buffalo CSD
PS 6 Buffalo Elem School of Tech pdf document(184 KB)
PS 33 Bilingual Center pdf document(197 KB)
PS 37 Futures Academy pdf document(168 KB)
PS 59 Charles R Drew Science Magnet pdf document(229 KB)
PS 95 Waterfront ES pdf document(182 KB)
East HS pdf document(188 KB1)
PS 30 Frank A Sedita pdf document(178 KB)

Geneva SD
Geneva HS pdf document(179 KB)

George Junior Republic UFSD
George Junior Republic pdf document(144 KB)

Greenburgh Eleven UFSD
Greenburgh Eleven MS pdf document(171KB)

Hyde Park CSD
Franklin D. Roosevelt Senior HS pdf document(162KB)

Longwood CSD
Longwood HS pdf document(189KB)

Long Beach City SD
Long Beach HS pdf document(176KB)

Mt. Pleasant Cottage UFSD
Mt. Pleasant Cottage School pdf document(217KB)

Newburgh CSD
South Middle School pdf document(186 KB)
Temple Hill Academy pdf document(205KB)
Heritage Middle School pdf document(164 KB)

NYC District 2
MS 131 Dr. Sun Yat Sen pdf document(200KB)
Murray Bergtraum HS for Business Careers pdf document(210KB)

NYC District 3
JHS 54 Booker T. Washington pdf document(196KB)

NYC District 4
MS 45 STARS Academy pdf document(205 KB)

NYC District 5
Harlem Renaissance HS pdf document(192 KB)
PS 125 Ralph Bunche pdf document(188 KB)

NYC District 6
Duke Ellington pdf document(191 KB)
JHS 52 Inwood Intermediate School pdf document(208KB)

NYC District 7
Alfred E Smith pdf document(209 KB)
Lou Gehrig pdf document(196KB)
Samuel Gompers Career and Technical Education School pdf document(234 KB)

NYC District 8
School for Community Research and Learning pdf document(210 KB)
Bronx Academy HS pdf document(200 KB)
Banana Kelly HS pdf document(222 KB)

NYC District 9
IS 339 pdf document(172 KB)
Max Schoenfeld pdf document(232 KB)
Bronx High School of Business pdf document(192 KB)
Arturo Toscanini MS pdf document(192 KB)
PS 55 Benjamin Franklin pdf document(235KB)
Luis Llorens Torres pdf document(215 KB)
MS 4 Crotona Park West pdf document(157 KB)
PS 64 Pura Belpre pdf document(193 KB)

NYC District 10
PS 306 pdf document(173 KB)
Fordham Leadership Academy pdf document(227 KB)
MS 390 pdf document(191 KB)
Dewitt Clinton pdf document(186 KB)
IS 391 Angelo Patri MS pdf document(236 KB)
PS 279 Capt. Manuel Rivera Jr. pdf document(202 KB)

NYC District 11
JHS 144 Michelangelo pdf document(205 KB)

NYC District 12
JHS 98 Hermann Ridder pdf document(180 KB)

NYC District 13
George Westinghouse CTE HS pdf document(186 KB)

NYC District 14
John D Wells JHS pdf document(185 KB)
MS 126 John Ericsson pdf document(238 KB)
PS 19 Roberto Clemente pdf document(198 KB)

NYC District 15
Pacific HS pdf document(221 KB)
Charles Dewey MS pdf document(178 KB)                                                                       PS 24 The Dual Language School For International Studies pdf document(178 KB)

NYC District 16
Boys and Girls HS pdf document(219KB)

NYC District 17
MS 2 Parkside Preparatory Academy pdf document(216KB)

NYC District 19
PS 328 Phyllis Wheatley pdf document(189KB)
IS 166 George Gershwin pdf document(180 KB)
Rafael Cordero pdf document(197 KB)

NYC District 20
New Utretcht HS pdf document(235KB)

NYC District 21
21K288 - The Shirley Tanyhill School pdf document(223KB)
Edward R Murrow HS pdf document(176 KB)

NYC District 24
IS 5 Walter Crowley pdf document(186KB)
IS 61 Leonardo Da Vinci pdf document(196KB)

NYC District 27
PS 42 R. Vernam pdf document(212KB)
JHS 226 Virgil Grissom pdf document(179 KB)
Brian Piccolo MS pdf document(211 KB)

NYC District 28
Catherine Count Basie MS pdf document(205 KB)

NYC District 30
IS 141 Steinway School pdf document(191 KB)

NYC District 31
George Egbert pdf document(192 KB)
Port Richmond HS pdf document(187 KB)
IS 51 Edwin Markham pdf document(190KB)
Berta Dreyfus pdf document(185 KB)

NYC District 32
Bushwick Community HS pdf document(224KB)
JHS 296 The Halsey School pdf document(198 KB)
Roland Hayes pdf document(216 KB)
IS 349 Mathematics, Science and Technology pdf document(189 KB)

NYC District 75
Nathanael Greene School pdf document(209 KB)

Rochester CSD
Charlotte High School pdf document(281KB)
Dr Freddie Thomas HS pdf document(171 KB)
James Monroe HS pdf document(172 KB)

Schenectady CSD
Mount Pleasant MS pdf document(241KB)
Oneida MS pdf document(215KB)

Syracuse CSD
Anthony A. Henninger HS pdf document(398KB)
Elmwood Elementary Schools pdf document(188KB)
Hurlbut W. Smith K-8 pdf document(207KB)
Huntington K-8 School pdf document(323KB)
Thomas J Corcoran HS pdf document(228 KB)
Dr. MLK Jr ES pdf document(185 KB)
Dansforth Magnet Schools pdf document(199KB)

Troy CSD
Doyle MS pdf document(181 KB)

Utica CSD
Thomas R Proctor MS pdf document(138 KB)
James H Donovan HS pdf document(172 KB)


Fall 2010 JIT Reports

NYC District 2        
High School of Graphic Communication Arts pdf document(200 KB)
Norman Thomas HS pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 8
Jane Addams High School for Academic Careers (200 KB)

NYC District 10
John F. Kennedy HS pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 11
Christopher Columbus HS pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 12
Monroe Academy For Business/Law pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 15
Metropolitan Corporate Academy HS pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 17      
Paul Robeson HS pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 19      
W. H. Maxwell Career and Technical Education HS pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 21
John Dewey HS pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 22      
Sheepshead Bay HS pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 24
Newton HS pdf document(200 KB)
Grover Cleveland HS pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 27
August Martin HS pdf document(200 KB)
Beach Channel HS pdf document(200 KB)
Richmond Hill HS pdf document(200 KB)
John Adams HS pdf document(200 KB)

NYC District 28
Jamaica HS pdf document(200 KB)

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