Office of Accountability

Differentiated Accountability School Quality Review Process

2010-11 SQR Reports/Documents:

All newly identified Schools in Improvement - Year 1 - Basic Category need to complete a School Quality Review (SQR). These Basic SQR's are a district responsibility and the District Superintendents will oversee the process.

Schools newly identified as Schools in Improvement - Year 1 Focused or Comprehensive will also need to have a School Quality Review completed. The SQR’s for these schools will be led by a School Improvement representative. For additional information, please contact the School Improvement Team at 518-474-5923, or e-mail

The Basic School Quality Review Reports are due: December 17, 2010.

Winter - Spring 2011 SQR Reports

Brentwood UFSD
Brentwood HS (40 KB)

Buffalo CSD
PS 53 Community School pdf document(51KB)

East Ramapo CSD
Ramapo HS pdf document (44KB)

Gloversville Enlarged CSD
Gloversville HS pdf document (66KB)

Huntington City SD
Huntington HS pdf document (68KB)

Lawrence UFSD
Lawrence HS pdf document (66KB)

Lockport CSD
Lockport HS (35 KB)

Ossining UFSD
Anne M Dorner MS (49 KB)

Patchogue-Medford UFSD
Patchogue-Medford HS (45KB)

Rochester CSD
NWCP at Fredrick Douglas Campus (32 KB)
School #34 (31 KB)
School #8 Roberto Clemente (34 KB)
School #50 Helen Barrett (36 KB)
School #41 Kodak Park Elementary pdf document(58 KB)
Joseph C Wilson Foundation Academy (47 KB)

Syracuse CSD
John Van Duyn ES (57 KB)




  1. Differentiated Accountability (DA) School Quality Review (SQR) 2010-11 PowerPoint (50 KB)
  1. DA Regulations 100.2 (for School Quality Reviews) (30KB) | HTML
  1. School Quality Review Process Overview (341 KB)


  1. SQR Basic Review Process Timeline 2010-11 (40 KB)
  1. SQR Basic Review Protocol and Process 2010-11 (29 KB) | HTML
  1. SQR Focused and Comprehensive Review Process Timeline (41 KB)
  1. SQR Focused  and Comprehensive (On-Site) Review Protocol and Process 2010-11 (31 KB) | HTML
  1. SQR On-Site Review Summary (32 KB) | HTML
  1. SQR Focused and Comprehensive On-Site Review Process - Roles/Responsibilities of On-Site Reviewers (37 KB) | HTML
  1. SQR Focused/Comprehensive On-Site Review Process Protocols for On-Site Team Members (24 KB) | HTML
  1. SQR Focused Comprehensive On-Site Review Process - School Responsibilities (27 KB) | HTML


  1. SQR Quality Indicators Document and School Information Sheet (262 KB)
  1. SQR Quality Indicators Supporting Documentation (168 KB)
  1. SQR Sample Binder Cover Sheet for Collection of Materials (87 KB)
  1. SQR Team Guide to the Written Report (24 KB) | HTML
  1. SQR Written Report Template (51 KB)
  1. SQR Basic Report Sample (74 KB)


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