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Q&A from the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan (DCIP) and School Comprehensive Education Plan (SCEP) Fiscal Revisions Webinar 5/13/13

Q-1:    The parent engagement set-aside reflects 1% of Title I only. Why does it not reflect 1% of the combined total of Title I and Title II-A?
A-1:   The ESEA flexibility waiver stipulates that the 1% parent engagement set-aside must be from the Title I allocation.

Q2: Can you discuss resubmission once corrections are made?
A2: As indicated in the review determination letters sent on May 8, 2013, all plans should be resubmitted to Erica Meaker at no later than CoB May 28, 2013.

Q3: If the parental engagement/involvement set-aside will not be fully used for the 2012-2013 school year, can the remaining balance be rolled over to 2013-2014?
A3: The parent engagement/ involvement set asides are mandated set asides for the 2012 – 2013 SY and must be fully expended by 8/31/2013.

Q4: If part of the SIF is used for DTSDE process, must this process be integrated within the DCIP?
A4: If the components of the DTSDE process support the improvement efforts in identified schools, and the SIF monies are being used to accomplish these efforts, than yes, the process must be integrated within the DCIP.

Q5: Would districts know by now if there are revisions to be made?
A5: Districts that were required to make fiscal revisions were notified on May 8, 2013. Letters regarding programmatic revisions will be forthcoming.

Q6: If the district was identified as a FOCUS district because of one high school, and the district is Schoolwide Title I for elementary schools only, how does this affect the allocation of funds from Title I?
A6: This does not affect the allocation of funds from Title I. Title I funds can only be used in Title I schools. For non-Title I schools, alternate fund sources should be used to meet the set-aside requirement in the identified schools.

Q7: Can the parental engagement set-aside be used in another school, rather than the one identified as a Focus school?
A7: The parent engagement set aside must be used in schools identified as Priority or Focus Schools.

Q8: I was told that the set asides could be funded by other funds, not just Title I. So if I've used the other funds, am I not able to roll over what I haven't used in Title I?
A8: The set aside requirements can be met using multiple fund sources. The unused Title I funds may be rolled over as long as they were not intended to satisfy the set aside requirements.

Q9: There are some activities that do not lend themselves to a monetary amount, such as form a committee, or establish communication, etc. What are we supposed to enter for a budget?
A9: Those activities such as form a committee or establish communication would not have an associated fund source or cost and would be indicated by entering a N/A. However, within the plan there should be spiraling activities outlining the tasks of the committee or description of what information and how the information is to get communicated. The fund source and costs should be identified for these activities.

Q10: If we did not complete a SCEP because we are a PLA, how do we indicate funds in the DCIP?
A10: The funds should be thoroughly identified throughout the DCIP. All district level activities should have a fund source and cost identified. For school level activities, only the fund source and cost need to be identified.

Q11: If an administrator's regular duties support implementation of major recommendations, does that count toward the required set-aside?
A11: It would count towards the required set aside as long as the duties satisfy one of the activities from the list of allowable set-aside activities and are not part of the base educational program.

Q12: We are curious if we missed important guidance in the beginning of this process about placing the dollar figures on the DCIP (greyed in areas). We focused our attention on all areas applicable to the district (DCIP) and to the schools (SCEP).
A12: To determine if you missed important guidance please review the archived webinars posted at:

Q13: By what date do the plans need to be posted on websites?
A13: The plans should be posted as soon as possible.

Q14: If we do not receive feedback for four weeks, are we still required to post our DCIP/SCEP on our website?
A14: Yes, the plans are required to be posted. §100.18 of Commissioners Regulations states the plan shall be made widely available through public means, such as posting on the Internet, distribution through the media, and distribution through public agencies, according to such timeline as may be established by the commissioner.

Q15: On our SCEP we have identified funding sources for one activity as General Fund, RTTT and Title III. Do we need to break out individual costs and attribute separately to each funding source?
A15: Yes, the individual costs must be separated.

Q16: How quickly will the resubmissions be turned around?
A16: We are hoping to provide feedback within 4 weeks of resubmission.

Q17: If we have submitted FS-10-A amendments, will we need to update the DCIP?
A17: If the FS-10A directly affects activities in the DCIP, then an update will need to be provided.

Q18: Does the school improvement set-aside need to be spent in the Focus school?
A18: At least 50% of the set-aside must be used to support school specific activities in designated Priority and Focus Schools. Up to 50% of set aside can be reserved for district level activities that support implementation of interventions at designated priority and focus schools.

Q19: Will new Priority Schools be identified following the recent report card release?
A19: No.

Q20: Do we need to have updated plans approved by the BOE?
A20: The Board of Education must have approved the district’s initial submission. The Board of Education does not need to approve the revisions unless the district policy indicates such.

Q21: Please explain the relationship between the SCEP and DCIP for PLA schools with a SIG plan.
A21: The approved SIG plan replaces the SCEP. The DCIP must account for the funding disseminated to the PLA school that is used for improvement efforts.

Q 22: Will the PowerPoint and Q&A be available?
A22: Yes.

Last Updated: June 14, 2013