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Q&A from the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan (DCIP) and School Comprehensive Education Plan (SCEP) Templates Webinar 6-16-14

Q1. How does an LEA submit for an extension to the July 31st deadline?
A1. Extension requests should be emailed to

Q2. Preliminary Title I allocations were posted. Can we use those?
A2. Set-Aside rates for the 2014-15 plans are calculated using the 2013-14 Title IA, Title IIA, and Title III allocations.  An adjustment period determined by NYSED will occur after all final 2014-2015 allocations are posted.

Q3.  The drop down box is not permitting us to cite the funding source. Is this a problem with the template, or on our end?
A3.  Ensure you are using the template posted at: .  The drop down boxes do work in this template.

Q4. When are Title II A and Title III A allocations anticipated to be posted?
A4.  Title IIA is posted and can be accessed at:
Title III allocations have not yet been posted.  Continue to check the same link for the Title III allocations.

Q5.  If all groups have met all performance indices for two years in a row, is it necessary to file a DCIP or SCEP once you are "unofficial" off the list of Focus Districts?
A5. Yes, it is still necessary to file a DCIP and corresponding SCEPs because the official list will not be generated until after the July 31 due date.

Q6. If a district did not receive a final report, but the school did, should the district address each tenet as a whole in the DCIP, and the school address each SOP individually?
A6.  Since the school did receive a report, the school must address any area that did not receive a rating of effective or highly effective within the report.  If a Tenet was not reviewed in the report, the school can address the Tenet as a whole or can select individual statements of practice.    Since the District does not have a report, the District, using all data currently available, should address either Tenets as a whole or can select individual statements of practice.  The District should work to build in structures to provide appropriate supports to schools based upon the reports generated.

Q7.  SED is finally catching up with providing reports from the 12-13 SY at the same time they are reviewing us again for the 13-14 SY. Since we had an IIT review just last week, are we forced to use the 12-13 report/ratings or can we file a request for extension so we can use the 13-14 report/ratings?
A7.  LEAs should not wait for official IIT reports when developing their DCIP and SCEPs.

Q8.  When are the expected report results if we were a Mid May 2014 IIT Review?
A8.  For information regarding the IIT reviews, please contact Mr. Stephen Earley, Director of District and School Review at (718) 722-5963.

Q9.  Would you please review the tenet SI set-aside requirements with respect to each Tier and monies available?
A9.  For information regarding the Tiered system please review the prioritized funding matrix at:

Q10.  When is the list of schools that have been de-identified going to be released?
A10.  For information regarding schools that are to be de-identified please contact the Office of Accountability at: (718) 722-2796.

Q11.  If the District had an IIT visit in 12-13, do we need to use those ratings or can they be adjusted based on a self-review since improvements have been made?
A11.  The District should use the most recent report containing DTSDE ratings.

Q12.  What are NYSED's expectations for attachments (i.e. agendas, support docs) to the EXCEL document?
A12.  Signature pages, agendas, sign-in sheets, and attendance rosters may be submitted as a PDF attachment.  The plans themselves MUST be submitted in Excel format.

Q13.  We had a NYSED-led DTSDE review in May 2013 and another in January 2014. When can we expect to receive the reports and ratings from these reviews?
A13.  See the answer to A9.

Q14.  Last year a sample goal and activities were provided. Is that a possibility this year?
A14.  A sample has been provided on the “Tenet Template Exemplar” tab.

Q 15.  Taking 15% for Tenet 6 that does not take into account the required 1% for Parent Involvement and 1% for Parent Engagement sets aside an inordinate amount of money for these activities. EX. An ~ $117,000 on top of the mandatory set-asides. Was this intended, or is there some way to account for the set-asides?
A15.  The 15% Improvement reserve for Tier I Prioritized Activities and Tier II Allowable Activities mapped to Tenet 6 is in addition to the 1% reserve for Parent Engagement and the 1% reserve for Parent Involvement. Improvement and Parent Engagement activities must be identified in the DCIP and SCEP forms by selecting the appropriate reserve category from the drop-down menus in Section F of the template tables. Parent Involvement activities are not required to be documented in the DCIP and SCEP templates. However, Parent Involvement activities may be included and documented by providing a robust description of the proposed activity in Section E of the template.

Q16.  You ask for meeting agendas and attendance. If no addenda, how is that submitted?
A16.  See the answer to A13.

Q17.  We had one school reviewed NYSED's Team - any inclination to when those results might be released?
A17.  See the answer to A9.

Q18.  If we have not yet received feedback on the 13-14 plans, when can we expect that to arrive?
A18.  Feedback has been sent via email to the Superintendents of all identified LEAs.  If you have not received this feedback please call 518-473-0295 and indicate it is a DCIP question.

Q19.  Is the first webinar posted anywhere?
A19.  The webinars are archived and posted at:

Q20.  In lieu of being advised of not finalizing allocations until all Title funding is released - how should one proceed? Should we use last year's allocations temporarily?
A20.  See answer A2.

Q21.  Since we are prioritizing our plan. How do we indicate that we are not addressing a SoP next year?
A21.  There is an option for Not Applicable in the drop down box.

Q22.  If schools received 12-13 reviews with district oversight and only addressed Tenet 3, do their plans only have to address Tenet 3?
A22.  No, the plans must address all areas that do not have a rating of highly effective or effective.  Therefore, is an area did not receive a rating, that area can be addressed as a whole or as individual statements of practice.

Q23.  The term 'tiered' activities is new to me. Do you have a quick definition?
A23.  See answer A10.

Q24.  We are replacing one of our previously district identified focus schools with another needier school. Do we submit a SCEP for both?
A24.  A SCEP should be submitted for both schools.

Q25.  Can you tell us if both the 1003a BASIC improvement grant and the 1003a title I SIG A Leadership-STEM grants will be available to FOCUS districts this year?
A25.  For information regarding 1003(a) and 1003(a) STEM please call 518-473-0295.

Q26.  The District and School received an ITT review in 12-13 and the school had a District Led Review of Tenets 2, 3 and 4 in 13-14. Does the school just address those three tenants in their SCEP based on their ratings from the District Led Review?
A 26.  See answer A23.

Q27.  Is there a posted guidance document especially for the updated SCEP?
A27.  All guidance is posted at:

Q28.  We have heard that there may be a DTSDE 3 Training this summer in Albany. Can you confirm if this is the case and if yes, provide any more details?
A28.  Information regarding the DTSDE institutes can be found at:

Q29.  You are promoting a system of ongoing review of data and planning. In order to accomplish this effectively, a variety of stakeholders, including parents, need to be involved. Can funds (parent engagement) be used to pay parents?
A29.  Depending on the fund source, funds may be used to provide babysitting and transportation costs for parents to participate in the planning process.   

Q30.  If the review focused on one school and the report is based on that one school, what data is used for the DCIP? 
A30.  The District should conduct a comprehensive needs assessment using multiple data sources that include the school level reports.

Q31.  We are a focus district, and 2 of our 3 schools are focus schools. For the school that is not identified as a focus school, and only had a district led review for tenet 3, what portions of the SCEP do they complete? Just tenet 3?
A31.  Only schools identified as Focus and Priority are required to complete the SCEP process.

Q32.  If all SOPs are included as part of the SCEP, what should be addressed on the "tenet as a whole" page.
A32.  There is an option for Not Applicable in the drop down menu.

Q33.  Where do we submit our attendance rosters and agendas?
A33.  They should be emailed as part of the completed DCIP and SCEP package to

Q34.  We did a District-led review of Tenet 3 only for 2013-14. Our SCEP is for all tenets. Do we update only Tenet 3 based on the review results or all of the Tenets?
A34.  See answer A23.

Q35.  When will school districts receive information about School Improvement and School Leadership grants (1003a)?
A35.  See answer A26.

Q36.  If we are supposed to submit agendas & rosters, then we will need to send attachments with the excel workbook?
A36.  See answer A13.



Last Updated: July 9, 2014