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Migrant Statewide Support Services Program

The services provided by these statewide programs lay the foundation for the nine Migrant Education Tutorial and Support Services Programs (METS) that are regionally structured throughout NYS and enable NYS to maximize the federal allocation through coordination of these three support service components.  They are:

  • Migrant Resource Center
  • Identification & Recruitment/MIS2000/MSIX Program
  • Professional Development and Inclusion Center
  1. The Migrant Resource Center works collaboratively with the NYS Migrant Education Tutorial and Support Services (METS) program manager, the 9 regional METS programs and other agencies providing services to the migrant population in order to address issues impacting the migrant population in NYS.  These services provide regional METS programs with strategies for providing services and programs geared toward the enhancement of academic and social skills of the eligible migrant population and their parents. Services under each program component include:

Parent Involvement and Early Childhood Services
The Parent Involvement/Early Childhood Services Program component provides direct service to the METS to ensure that migrant children have every opportunity for school success by assisting migrant families in obtaining early childhood education services for their children.    The State Parent Advisory Council (PAC) provides leadership opportunities and decision making responsibilities to parents from across the state.  The council is made up of parents of eligible migrant children who meet four times a year to advise the State Education Department and METS directors regarding the planning, operation and evaluation of the state migrant education program.

Migrant Youth and Out of School Youth Services
This component is designed to address the educational and social development needs of the in-school migrant eligible adolescent and out-of-school-youth population by: working collaboratively with regional METS staff to ensure that students are afforded the opportunity to participate in the Portable Assistance Study Sequence (PASS) Program; ensuring METS are assisting youth with the completion of high school credits for graduation; providing training to the METS Adolescent Outreach Program (AOP) liaisons on services for in school adolescents; providing training to the METS OSY liaison on services for OSYs; ensuring METS are making summer alternative education services available to adolescents; conducting and providing  summer residential instructional and leadership programs for migrant adolescent; conducting technical assistance/training meetings for the migrant AOP and OSY METS regional staff. 

Robin Robbins
(607) 437-2787

  1. The Migrant Identification & Recruitment (ID&R)/MIS2000/MSIX Program is responsible for identifying all eligible migrant children in NYS.  ID&R recruiters are hired, trained and monitored through this statewide program. 

Data is collected through regionally based recruiters who are responsible for identifying and recruiting migrant families residing within their region.  Information is compiled on a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) which is reviewed and approved by the ID&R Director, then disseminated to the appropriate school district and regional METS.  As migrant children depart New York State (NYS) recruiters contact the regional METS and statewide ID&R office with this information.

Data collected on the COE and the Student Intake Form (SIF) are entered into the MIS2000 data system at each of the regional METS.  The data entered at each of the 9 regional METS is managed through this statewide.  It is the responsibility of this statewide to ensure that the data in the MIS 2000 system is shared with the Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) system.    

ID&R Director:   
Jay Drake
(518) 453-1866

ID&R Assistant Director
MIS2000/MSIX Director:
Will Messier
(518) 453-1866

  1. The Professional Development and Inclusion Center provides technical assistance and professional development to the nine METS in the areas of strategic tutoring and other scientifically based teaching strategies, change management and leadership. Specifically the program: identifies and recruits consultants as needed to train METS staff; provides leadership coaching for METS directors and their staff; identifies and develops training materials for use by METS Directors at staff in-service(s);  coordinates and conducts the Statewide Migrant Education Professional Development Training.

Betty Garcia-Mathewson
(585) 395-5138


Last Updated: June 16, 2016