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General Submission Instructions for the Items in the SY 2012–13 CSPR

The information collected in the Title I, Part D, section of the CSPR should include only facilities designated as Delinquent. Students who are housed in facilities that receive funds but who did not benefit from Title I, Part D, program during the reporting year should not be included.  Institutions must complete this survey in order for their eligible children to receive Title I-funded educational services during the 2013-2014 school year.

2012-2013 Worksheet excel document(178KB)

  • The reporting year is defined as July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013
  • Due Date for Worksheet:  October 7th , 2013
  • You must first save the excel document on your computer.
  • Each satellite/sub-site, of the main facility/agency must submit one report.  DO NOT total all facility numbers into one report. 
  • Please save your file as [Facility Name].xls
  • The tool is an Excel worksheet aligned with programmed data validation checks.
    • These data validation checks and several other features of the tool rely on macros, which are programs that execute a set of commands when a certain condition has been fulfilled.  For example, one macro turns the total cells red for all invalid data fields and green for valid data fields.  It is therefore important that macros be enabled on your system.
    • The first tab (Data Entry Form) is the data collection area and the second tab (Notes) provides information regarding the data form you may find useful.
  • Students who reside in facilities that receive Title I, Part D funds but did not benefit from Title I, Part D funds during the reporting year should not be included.
  • Fill out the worksheet completely.  Providing complete data will decrease the amount of follow-up necessary from the New York State Education Department.
  • Indicate actual zero values with the number zero (0).
  • Do not use zeros to indicate missing or not collected data.
  • Leave fields that are missing or not collected blank.
  • For any data that are incomplete, appear erroneous, or generate a red total, provide an explanation of the problem (and any additional data) in the Comments field provided for each table.
  • Provide a written explanation in the comments section for all blank data fields (e.g., not applicable, missing, or not collected); if data are missing or not collected, explain why data were not obtained and what your agency will do to ensure that data will be reported in subsequent years.
  • Please save your file as [Facility Name].xls before e-mailing it to  Print a copy of each report before submitting to NYSED.

If you have any questions, please contact Paula Monarch-Palmieri/Mary Russman at or call them at (518) 473-0295.

Last Updated: October 16, 2013