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Supplemental Educational Services
Service Summary Information

Global Partnership Schools Inc. (GPS)


Name of organization:

Global Partnership Schools, Inc. (GPS)

Primary location:

300 State Street, Suite 305
Rochester, NY 14614

Contact information:
(phone / email / website):

Terrence J. Hofer, Ed. D.
Phone: (585) 355-4305; (877) 588-5539 external link

LEAs where service will be provided:

Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers, and New York City


Years provider has delivered service:

Global Partnership Schools has provided tutoring services for two years.


Evidence that services have been effective:

Global Partnership Schools uses a number of standardized and individualized assessments to determine the level of student growth during our tutor program.  Specific student achievement results follow. 

Reading / English Language Arts
For students in 2010-2011 who completed at least 15 hours of tutoring, Phonemic Segmentation Fluency (PSF) scores improved from 19 correct phonemes in 1 minute to 36 (grade K) and from 32 to 47 (grade 1). Reading Connected Text (RCT) improved from 25 to 45 (grade 1) and from 77 to 88 (grades 2-5). Nonsense Word Fluency (NWF) scores increased from 25 to 36 words per minute (grade K) and 39 to 67 (grade 1). The average Retell Fluency (RF) score improved from 27 to 37. The average Letter Naming Fluency (LNF) increased from 40 letters per minute to 51 letters per minute.


The average score on the Module 1 pre-test improved from 53% to 72%. The average raw score on Vmath initial and final assessments improved from 13 to 26.


Title of the instructional program, curriculum series to be used (if appropriate):

K-5 Reading: Voyager Passport
Grades 6-8 Reading: Voyager Passport Reading Journeys
Grades 2-8 Math: Voyager Vmath

These are comprehensive intervention programs that meet the needs of all struggling learners.


Grade level(s) the provider will serve:



Content area(s) provider will serve:

Reading, English Language Arts, Math


Number of sessions provided per week, if applicable:

2 sessions per week


Average length of each service session (minutes/hours):

3 hours if on Saturday


Duration of the available service period (e.g. September 1 – June 30; September 1 – August 31; weekends only; summer school only; specific number of weeks or hours, other, etc;):

Tutoring will match the school calendar from October to June. GPS may also offer an additional session in the summer.


Type of instruction:

The format includes small group instruction and independent practice with computers and Internet activities used to reinforce and extend learning.


Description of methods and strategies for serving eligible students with disabilities:

Global Partnership Schools teachers and coachers will review the Individual Student Learning Plans (ISLPs) of eligible students with their principals and special education teachers to determine appropriate programs for students with disabilities in accordance with student’s IEP. Global instructors will are trained to present materials through a variety of methods to better meet the differing learning styles of individual students—e.g., visual, auditory, kinesthetic—and to use a variety of assessment techniques to accommodate students with disabilities.


Description of methods and strategies for serving eligible students with limited English proficiency:

Global programs will emphasize English Language Learners (ELL) strategies that focus on oral language development; phonetic awareness (studying high frequency words in context); reading aloud 1-on-1 with an instructor or in peer groups; shared and independent reading; “think-alouds” that model reading and writing strategies or problem-solving in math; shared and independent writing activities; and process writing (writer’s workshop).  

In math sessions, GPS instructors will help ELL students by directly teaching math vocabulary, including the meanings of common math terms that have other definitions outside of the context of math—e.g., root, face, mean, and prime.  Students will be encouraged to develop their own bilingual mathematics dictionaries and to keep note cards and/or journals to record math terms and vocabulary in their own words, sometimes with the use of their native language as a way to help solidify their understanding of math concepts. 


Qualifications of the service provider(s)/instructor(s):

All teachers are certified teachers, many of whom have experience with Title I students.


Reports to parents, teachers, and LEA (Content, frequency, method of delivery):

Reports are sent to parents, teachers, and district staff on a monthly basis.


Will transportation to the service location be provided at no charge if requested? (Note: LEAs are not required to provide or pay for transportation)



Additional relevant information:

In recent surveys, 95% of parents indicated they wouold re-enroll their children in Global's tutoring again. 93% of students said they would recommend Global to their friends.

Last Updated: March 21, 2014