Office of Accountability

Supplemental Educational Services
Service Summary Information

Iglesia Services, Inc.

1. Name of organization: Iglesia Services, Inc.
Primary location: 72 Thurston Rd.
Rochester, New York 14619
Contact information:
(phone / email / website):

Tricia Skwieralski
Vice President of Operations
(585) 254-2073
Website: external link

LEAs where service will be provided: All LEAs in NYS
2. Years provider has delivered service: 9 years
3. Evidence that services have been effective: Specialize and accomplished in tutoring and test preparation in integrated math, elementary math, calculus, Math A and B, SAT, PSAT and ACT exams, ELA, English, Spanish and hard sciences for close to 10,000 students
Success rates include 92% pass rate for Regents exams (83% of which have passed with a grade of 'C' or better); 87% of enrolled 8th graders have met or exceeded NYS Math standards; 85% of enrolled 8th graders have met the NYS ELA standards.  SAT prep program students have demonstrated an average 110 point increase in scores, with some students improving over 300 points.
Established and growing private client base.
Renewed and new contracts with community-based organizations, school districts and universities.
4. Title of the instructional program, curriculum series to be used (if appropriate): N/A (combination of programs, including in-house)
5. Grade level(s) the provider will serve: -English Language Arts including reading: grades K-12
-Mathematics: grades K-12
6. Content area(s) provider will serve: -English language arts including reading
7. Number of sessions provided per week, if applicable: Three to five times per week
8. Average length of each service session (minutes/hours): 1.5 hours (90 minutes) in length each
9. Duration of the available service period (e.g. September 1 – June 30; September 1 – August 31; weekends only; summer school only; specific number of weeks or hours, other, etc;): Year-round, including summer months an don weekends (Saturdays 10 am-2 pm and Sundays 12-4 pm).  During the school-year, services will be delivered after school from 3-7 pm.
10. Type of instruction: Small class size; 4:1 student-teacher ratio
10a. Description of methods and strategies for serving eligible students with disabilities: Will work collaboratively with LEAs to ensure developed "supplemental education plans" are consistent with all legislative requirements. 
Alignment of supplemental educational services and "supplemental education plans' with student IEPs.
Sign-language interpreters, materials in  large type, Braille editions, tape recorders.
10b. Description of methods and strategies for serving eligible students with limited English proficiency: Use of Iglesia Services Inc.'s bi- and multi-lingual tutors (i.e. - Spanish, French, German).
Additional available resources include bilingual dictionaries and glossaries.
11. Qualifications of the service provider(s)/instructor(s): Established tutoring and educational consulting business nine years in operation.
Numerous contracts with community-based organizations, school districts and universities to provide tutoring and academic programming to students.
Private client base includes students with limited English proficiency, students with disabilities and refugees from countries including Sudan, Haiti and Guatemala.
Tutoring staff or forty tutors.
NYS Certified Teacher will supervise and oversee all SES instruction.
Additional Iglesia Services Inc. tutors are finalizing NYS Teacher Certification requirements.
Bi- and multi-lingual tutors on staff.
12. Reports to parents, teachers, and LEA (Content, frequency, method of delivery): All parents and teachers will be informed regularly (quarterly at minimum) of student progress through meetings and progress reports.
Progress reports to LEAs quarterly at minimum and as per guidelines.
Monthly meetings and update reports to Rochester City SD AIS Director (and other LEAs as determined)
Final reports to LEAs no later than May 31st as per guidelines.
13. Will transportation to the service location be provided at no charge if requested? (Note: LEAs are not required to provide or pay for transportation) Yes.
14. Additional relevant information: An Iglesia Services Inc. parent representative from the community has been designated for SES to facilitate continuous communication with parents.
Last Updated: March 21, 2014