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Supplemental Educational Services
Service Summary Information

Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island


Name of organization:

Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island

Primary location:

3001 West 37th Street
Brooklyn, NY  11224

Contact information:
(phone / email / website):

718-449-5000 external link

LEAs where service will be provided:



Years provider has delivered service:

1Year SES


Evidence that services have been effective:



Title of the instructional program, curriculum series to be used (if appropriate):

Balanced Literacy, Everyday Math, and Impact Math


Grade level(s) the provider will serve:



Content area(s) provider will serve:

Math, Literacy, Language Arts, Reading


Number of sessions provided per week, if applicable:



Average length of each service session (minutes/hours):

2 hours


Duration of the available service period (e.g. September 1 – June 30; September 1 – August 31; weekends only; summer school only; specific number of weeks or hours, other, etc;):

September 1- June 30


Type of instruction:



Description of methods and strategies for serving eligible students with disabilities:

It is the policy of the JCCGCI to make its programs accessible to students with disabilities. All students with disabilities, including students with limited mobility, visual or hearing impairments, should, therefore, apply for Programs of their choice, whether or not such programs are currently located in an accessible building.

Should an otherwise qualified student with limited mobility seek to participate in a program which is not currently located in an accessible building, the JCCGCI will take reasonable steps to make the program accessible. Typically the JCCGCI will make the building accessible immediately, replicate or relocate the program or provide an alternative program.

Should an otherwise qualified student with another type of disability need a reasonable accommodation in order to participate, the JCCGCI will take reasonable steps to make the program accessible, such as providing redesigned equipment, assigning aides, providing an alternative to the program, or providing other similar services or actions.

The steps taken for any disabled student shall be designed to provide each student an equal opportunity to obtain the same results, to gain the same benefit, or to reach the same level of achievement as that provided to others. Parents have the right to appeal any final placement decision.



Description of methods and strategies for serving eligible students with limited English proficiency:

The JCCGCI will provide English Language Learners (ELLs) with SES instruction. The JCCGCI believes that every one of its SES staff is a literacy instructor. This approach will help ELL students with rapid language acquisition.


Qualifications of the service provider(s)/instructor(s):

NYS Certified


Reports to parents, teachers, and LEA (Content, frequency, method of delivery):

Student progress will be reported through teacher-tutor articulation, project staff and school staff articulation, student portfolio assessment, conference with parents, observation, Grow Reports and other standardized test scores.
The JCCGCI will use reporting forms issued by the New York City Department of Education. This will verify student attendance and document services provided. In addition a student attendance card will be maintained by project staff.


Will transportation to the service location be provided at no charge if requested? (Note: LEAs are not required to provide or pay for transportation)



Additional relevant information:


Last Updated: March 21, 2014