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Supplemental Educational Services
Service Summary Information

School Professionals

1. Name of organization: School Professionals
Primary location:

420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2100
New York, NY 10170

Contact information:
(phone / email / website):

Renee Noll
212-916-0828 external link
LEAs where service will be provided: All NYC school districts in the boroughs of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens
2. Years provider has delivered service: Four years as an NCLB tutoring service. Six years experience as the largest provider of substitute teacher services in NYC.
3. Evidence that services have been effective:

Our core curriculum is research-based and proven effective in skills mastery and is aligned with State Learning standards. In studies our curriculum has a significant demonstrated record of effectiveness in raising student improvement in reading, English language arts and mathematics.

Since implemented, our program has shown an average yearly increase of student math scores by 23%, ELA scores by 21% and reading scores by 31 scaled-score points. These positive results are why 100% of principals and parent coordinators at schools we have serviced would recommend School Professionals and 95% of parents of participating students would re-enroll their child in our program.

4. Title of the instructional program, curriculum series to be used (if appropriate): Houghton Mifflin/Harcourt Leveled Readers series; Houghton Mifflin English language arts series; Pearson/Scott Foresman Phonics; Pearson/Scott Foresman and Macmillan/McGraw-Hill - Glencoe mathematics series.
5. Grade level(s) the provider will serve: Kindergarten through sixth grade.
6. Content area(s) provider will serve: Reading, English language arts, and mathematics.
7. Number of sessions provided per week, if applicable: 2 sessions per week.
8. Average length of each service session (minutes/hours): 2 hours per day.
9. Duration of the available service period (e.g. September 1 – June 30; September 1 – August 31; weekends only; summer school only; specific number of weeks or hours, other, etc;):

Fall Program: September- December. After school/weekends.

Winter Program: January through early June. After school/weekends.

Summer Program: June-August 

Fall and Winter Programs will run for a total of 12 weeks, for a total of 48 hours. Summer sessions may be compressed to accord with school scheduling but students will receive 48 hours of tutoring.

10. Type of instruction: Focus is on the individual student.  We offer small group instruction in groups of no more than five to nine students.
10a. Description of methods and strategies for serving eligible students with disabilities: Eligible students with mild disabilities will have equal access to services, to the extent that School Professionals’ staff can effectively accommodate their needs within our small group structure. We will adhere to the IEP’s of accepted students.
10b. Description of methods and strategies for serving eligible students with limited English proficiency: Eligible students with limited English proficiency will have equal access to services, to the extent that School Professionals’ staff can effectively accommodate their needs within our small group structure. We will hire tutors accordingly and use language-relevant materials.
11. Qualifications of the service provider(s)/instructor(s):

Lead tutors (assigned to each school for which we provide tutoring) have a minimum of a B.A. degree and are New York certified and/or have a minimum of two years of teaching experience. All other tutors have a minimum of a B.A. degree. All tutors within a borough are under the supervision of a School Professionals Borough Supervisor, a New York Certified teacher, whose job it is to ensure the highest professional standards at the participating schools within his/her borough.

12. Reports to parents, teachers, and LEA (Content, frequency, method of delivery): Progress reports containing student attendance and content objectives with progress made will be sent home every quarter, or as determined by the NYC DOE. School Professionals encourages parental feedback and will respond to questions/concerns as they arise. Pre-assessment and post-assessment results will be made available to parents, administration and teachers at the beginning and end of the program. We will provide information in the parents’ native language, where practicable.  Pre- and post-assessments, progress reports, attendance, and other required data and documents will be transmitted to the LEA, school administration, and NYSED as required and in their preferred format. Unless otherwise requested such materials will be transmitted electronically.
13. Will transportation to the service location be provided at no charge if requested? (Note: LEAs are not required to provide or pay for transportation) No. School Professionals small group classes will meet within public schools.
14. Additional relevant information: School Professionals provides customized tutoring in small group settings and believes in working very closely with the entire school community to ensure the highest level of student academic success.
Last Updated: March 21, 2014