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Supplemental Educational Services
Service Summary Information

Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants


Name of organization:

Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants

Primary location:

904 East 8th Street
Charlotte, NC 28204

Contact information:
(phone / email / website):

Phone: 877-661-7901 or 646-319-1890


LEAs where service will be provided:

New York City Board of Education
Greenburgh Eleven UFSD
Mount Vernon School District
Rye City School District
Yonkers City School District 


Years provider has delivered service:

6 years


Evidence that services have been effective:

Academic Achievers/S&L Consultants has been providing educational services in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and tutoring for over 6 years.


Title of the instructional program, curriculum series to be used (if appropriate):

Great Source’s Lessons in Literacy (K-5 Reading/English Language Arts), Holt’s Elements of Literature (6-8 Reading/ELA), Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Mathletics (K-5 Math), and Brittanica’s Mathematics in Context (6-8 Math)
Great Sources, ACCESS English (9-12 Reading/English Language Arts), Great Source, ACCESS Math (9-12 Math)


Grade level(s) the provider will serve:

Kindergarten through 12th grade


Content area(s) provider will serve:

Reading/English Language Arts and Mathematics


Number of sessions provided per week, if applicable:

Two sessions per week


Average length of each service session (minutes/hours):

75 minutes (sessions are 60 minutes or 90 minutes)


Duration of the available service period (e.g. September 1 – June 30; September 1 – August 31; weekends only; summer school only; specific number of weeks or hours, other, etc;):

September 1 - August 31
After school, Saturdays, Summers


Type of instruction:

Tutor-guided small group and one-on-one instruction using a system of individual grade level texts, workbooks, pre- and post-tests, literature, CD-ROMs, videodisk workbooks, and supplemental materials. PC-based instruction is used as a supplement for students with disabilities and limited English proficiency students.

  Instruction is systematic and direct; tutors explain the lesson, students practice the lesson with the tutor’s assistance and continue to practice until they have mastered the lesson material.


Description of methods and strategies for serving eligible students with disabilities:

AA/S&L supports students with disabilities with highly qualified special education teachers/tutors, accurate assessment of the students’ skills and abilities, and appropriate adaptation of teaching techniques, including one-on-one tutoring, peer tutoring, tutor-guided PC-based instruction, and small group collaborative work.  Testing methods will include reading questions orally and/or allowing additional time to complete the test.  Lessons will be adjusted  based on the student’s disability. Teaching methods emphasize direct, explicit instruction in learning strategies and problem-solving.  Teachers motivate students by developing awareness of their own achievements. AA/S&L has extensive experience working with students with ADD and other learning disabilities.


Description of methods and strategies for serving eligible students with limited English proficiency:

AA/S&L has bi-lingual staff in Spanish/English and will recruit bi-lingual teachers in other languages as needed. LEP students’ skills and knowledge gaps are tested and an individual student learning plan and timetable is created for each student. The pace of LEP instruction is a little slower, but covers the same material as mainstream classes with an emphasis on verbal communication, audio content, guided computer instruction, language and learning games, visual cues and manipulatives to actively engage students.


Qualifications of the service provider(s)/instructor(s):

AA/S&L’s policy is to recruit and hire certified teachers and prefers to hire teachers with 5 years experience who have been recommended by a superintendent or principal. Our present staff is 80 percent certified teachers. When teachers are unavailable, AA/S&L hires students majoring in education with a minimum of two years of college instruction. In NY state, all site supervisors will be NY certified teachers, preferably working in the school where they teach. AA/S&L staff members have experience in Curriculum Design, Early Childhood Education, Professional Development, Cultural Diversity, Special Education and Educational Technology. All have worked extensively with economically disadvantaged students.


Reports to parents, teachers, and LEA (Content, frequency, method of delivery):

Teachers/tutors speak with parents/guardians on a weekly basis and send out bi-weekly progress reports.  Reports are sent to parents /guardians by U.S. mail or other preferred method, and to teachers and the LEA via email. The progress report contains assessment results and information about attitude, behavior and attendance. Bi-lingual staff will provide translated reports for parents/guardians as needed.


Will transportation to the service location be provided at no charge if requested? (Note: LEAs are not required to provide or pay for transportation)

AA/S&L will provide tutoring on school sites and at partnering organizations after school and on Saturday’s. We will not provide transportation for students. However, we are flexible in days and times tutoring can take place. AA/S&L will partner with school districts regarding facility fees and tutoring days.


Additional relevant information:

AA/S&L is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will seek out individuals with diverse backgrounds. AA/S&L shall never discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religious belief, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental handicap, or veteran status in recruitment, selection, training, promotion termination or any other personnel action.

Last Updated: March 20, 2014