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Title I School Status Report

For the time being, the Title I Status Report is no longer an on-line form handled through the NYSED Business Portal; rather, each public/charter school in NYS should be reporting its Title I Status for that year through the Basic Education Data System (BEDS) system in the fall. As a result of the ESEA Flexibility Waiver, NYSED is not required to produce annually-updated lists of Schools/Districts in Need of Improvement and make that list available at least two weeks prior to the opening of the school year in September. Instead, the system of Priority/Focus Schools serves as NY's Accountability Identification System for the duration of the Waiver. Should the Waiver be discontinued, the May reporting of anticipated Title I School Status may have to be reinstated.

Below are the links to five Excel spreadsheets that reflect the most current version of that data collection. Any changes to, omissions from or questions about these lists should be reported to the Office of Title I School Improvement and Community Services at CONAPPTA@NYSED.GOV.

2013-14 Data

2012-13 Data

2011-12 Data

10-11 Data

09-10 Data



Title I Status Report (Information and Reporting Services Website - includes Online Report Documentation and access to NYSED Application Business Portal)

Last Updated: November 5, 2014