Office of Accountability

Schoolwide Programs (SWP)

Schoolwide Programs provide schools with high percentages of at-risk
children the flexibility to implement a comprehensive program to
increase the academic success of all students, particularly those
furthest from meeting high academic standards

Introduction to Title I Schoolwide Programs PowerPoint information on schoolwide programs (210 KB)

Checklist of Schoolwide Program Required Components SWP Required Components Checklist (57.5 KB)

Guidance on Designing Schoolwide Programs

Title I Schoolwide Program Notification Form

Supporting School Reform By Leveraging Federal Funds In A Schoolwide Program external link- USED federal guidance document, highlights specific advantages and flexibilities in schoolwide programs, identifies common misunderstandings about schoolwide programs that may persist in some Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and schools, and serves as a resource tool for State Educational Agencies, LEAs and schools.

Schoolwide Program Legislation: Statute and Regulations

Consolidating Funds in Schoolwide Programs: Advantages and Requirements



Last Updated: August 22, 2016