Office of Accountability

Tools and Resources for NYS Professional Development Implementation


BOCES, districts and PD providers must know the NYS PD standards exist, have some familiarity with them, and understand there is a direction underway to reference these standards at some level, in the PDP regulations and annual Certification requirement.

The following tools were designed to be used for the purpose of generating awareness about the NYS Professional Development Standards. Although the content needs to remain true to the standards, these documents may be customized to suit your needs. Please note that the brochure should be modified to include your contact information.


Annual Certification

Under Section 100.2(dd) of Commissioner's regulations, superintendents of schools and district superintendents must annually certify to the Department that their districts or BOCES have complied with their professional development plans for the current school year and have professional development plans in place for the upcoming school year.

Please note the following change:

LEAs do not need to submit a PDP Certification form for 2017-18. The 2017-18 Application for ESSA-Funded Programs requires districts to submit a formal assurance of compliance with Part 100 Regulations regarding professional development plans. Therefore, no paper submission is necessary.


Implementation and Evaluation Tools:

BOCES, districts, and PD providers need to utilize these standards to inform professional development efforts, and to reflect on the effectiveness of these efforts.


Last Updated: June 29, 2017