Effective Alternative in Reconciliation Services - (EARS)
3319 Rochambeau Avenue
Bronx, NY 10467

Contact: Marcy May, Director
Telephone: 718-654-4931
Fax: 718-654-4942

Program Description

EARS has a sixteen year history of successfully providing comprehensive, integrated, school-wide violence prevention programs, with a proven track record of reducing violence in schools. Our ESD/SVP grant at Columbus High School received support and praise from administrators, guidance personnel, faculty and security staff. Parents contacted us directly to applaud the positive change in their children as a result of their participation in our programs. We provide services for Pelham Prep and Visual Arts High Schools which are also located in the Columbus High School building.

Extended School Day Conflict Resolution/Leadership Development Component EARS recruits students to participate in workshops Monday through Thursday and Mentor programs on alternate Fridays. Participants learn about conflict resolution and life management skills with related topics such as: gang-related issues, diversity and racism, relationships with peers and adults, peer pressure, anger management, dating violence and making healthy choices. We work with guidance counselors to recruit 9th grade students who are at-risk of dropping out for school day workshops run by EARS staff. 

Parent Workshop Component
Parents will be invited to learn communication, listening, and defusing anger skills their children are learning which can aid in resolving conflicts at home, reinforcing the behaviors and language learned in the conflict resolution programs.

Program Site:

Christopher Columbus High School
Principal: Ms. Aronoff, Pelham Prep
Ms. Haas, CIMS
Mr. York, BVAHS