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Program Description

Virtual Y/TASC The Virtual Y is a school-based curriculum that provides an enriched academically sound, literacy-based program. The goal of the program is to provide academic support that will help improve participants' academic performance as well as their attendance, behavior and enthusiasm for learning Currently, the YMCA is conducting its Virtual Y literacy initiative in every school district throughout the five boroughs, at a total of 80 sites, serving more than 6,000 students. An expanded program model, in partnership with The After School Corporation (TASC), created a number of Virtual Y TASC sites which serve 150 - 325 elementary school students in grades K-6, five days per week for a total of 15 hours each week after the regular school day. These sites use the Virtual Y literacy-based curriculum based on two triangles: the traditional Y triangle of building spirit (values), mind (education) and body (health), and another Y triangle of family, school and community.

The objective of these Virtual Y TASC sites is to help build academic competencies and confidence in all students, while providing a safe place with caring adults during non-school hours. The educational component of the curriculum focuses on homework help plus language experiences that build reading, writing and speaking skills through motivating, hands-on activities. We offer a rich learning environment that reinforces the school-day curriculum with small group instruction and fun activities meant to inspire in youth a love of learning and belief that they can achieve. The Virtual Y/TASC programs offer a broad array of enriching activities including team and individual sports, conflict resolution/counseling, art, technology, journalism, poetry, character education, youth development and clubs designed to help students develop social skills, enhance physical development and coordination, promote healthy practices, encourage creative expression and appreciation of the arts and to have fun, which helps students to absorb lessons without the pressure of academic pressure. Each Virtual Y contains a library or


Program Sites

Public School 120(CSD 25, Region 3 Queens)
Principal: Elba Rodriguez

Public School 197
Principal: Michael Koss

Public School 139
Principal: Fern Chosed

Public School 22
Principal: Karina Costantino

Public School 44
Principal: R. Whitfield

Washington Irving High School
Principal: Dr. Denise DiCarlo

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YMCA of Greater New York