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Title III, Part A - Immigrant Funds

Budget Codes Allowable/Unallowable Expenses
Code 15:
Professional Salaries

Title III staff must provide language instruction educational services to immigrant children and youth.

Title III may be used to hire staff for the purpose of reducing class size or to provide basic instructional services.  The narrative must explicitly describe each activity.

All Title III language instruction educational program staff must be appropriately certified.

A parent liaison or parent coordinator may be funded under Title III for all districts except New York City community school districts where parent liaisons are required.

Title III funds may be used to design, develop, and implement a two-way bilingual program.  In addition, Title III funds may be used for support services for English proficient and limited English proficient students in the context of a two-way program.  (This activity is not permissible under CR Part 154).

Basic required Pupil Personnel Services positions, including social workers, guidance counselors, and psychologists may not be funded under Title III.  However, such pupil personnel may be funded to provide additional services to immigrant children and youth in before school, after school or extended day (per session) Title III activities.

Other instruction services that are designed to assist immigrant children and youth to achieve in elementary schools and secondary schools in the United States, such as programs of introduction to the educational system and civics education;

Code 16:
Support Staff Salaries

Specifically trained and experienced teaching assistants may be funded under Title III.

Secretarial or clerical positions are not allowed unless such a position is specifically necessary to support Title III programs and activities after normal school hours or beyond the normal school hours.  The narrative must be explicit.

Code 40:
Purchased Services

Title III Immigrant funds may be used to provide tutorials, mentoring and academic or career counseling.

Title III Immigrant funds may be used to provide family literacy, parent outreach, and training activities to help parents become more active participants in the education of their children.

Title III Immigrant funds may be used for activities, coordinated with community-based organizations, institutions of higher education, private sector entities, or other entities with expertise in working with immigrants, to assist parents of immigrant children and youth by offering comprehensive community services.

High quality staff development for teachers, administrators, and other school personnel is a required program activity.

Consultant costs should be itemized, reasonable and supportive of the language instruction educational program.

Support for personnel, including teaching assistants who have been specifically trained, or are being trained, to provide services to immigrant children and youth.

Code 45:
Supplies and Materials

Items with a unit cost under $5,000

Title III funds may be used to identify and acquire additional curricula, instructional materials, and educational software.

Supplies and materials should be supplemental and listed in clearly defined categories.

Materials, refreshments, etc. for parent involvement activities may be included in here.

Excessive costs for materials and supplies that take away from direct student services are not allowed.

Code 46:
Travel Expenses

Travel expenses are itemized and include a purpose and a destination.  Under NCLB no single day conferences are allowed.  Must be ongoing sustained professional development.

Costs for transportation for students and parents may be included here.

Travel to the USDOE Title III sponsored activities are allowed.

Code 80:
Employee Benefits
Benefits can only be claimed on staff positions identified in Codes 15 and 16, in the same proportion as FTE(s)
Code 90:
Indirect Cost
LEA may claim all, part or none.  This amount may not exceed two percent.
Code 49:
BOCES Services


Code 30:
Minor Remodeling
Permanent structure items are not allowed.
Code 20:

All equipment with a unit cost of $5,000 or more

All equipment must be itemized and properly described to include quantity, unit cost and proposed expenditures.


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Last Updated: January 29, 2014