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Allowable & Unallowable Expenses

Consolidated Application Update


Title IV, Part A - Safe and Drug-Free Schools

Budget Codes Allowable/Unallowable Expenses
Code 15:
Professional Salaries

Teachers, administrators and/or assistants should be conducting allowable SDFSCA activities. These include those designed to:  prevent or reduce violence; the use, possession and distribution of illegal drugs; prevent or reduce delinquency and create a well-disciplined environment conducive to learning which includes consultation between teachers, principals, and other school personnel to identify early warning signs of drug use and violence and to provide behavioral interventions as part of classroom management efforts; and include activities to promote the involvement of parents in the activity or program; promote coordination with community groups and coalitions and distribute information about the LEA’s needs, goals and programs under the SDFSCA .

If an administrative position is listed we need to be able to distinguish the program vs. the administrative costs. The maximum allowable to support administrative functions (financial management, retention of records, etc) is 2 percent of the total grant allocation.

Services of guidance counselors, social workers, or mental health professionals may be funded. These should not supplant basic required PPS services.

Tutors and teachers of academic activities not related to drug and violence prevention activities are not appropriate.

Code 16:
Support Staff Salaries

Salaries for appropriate staff such as teacher aides who provide non-instructional duties directly related to the program are authorized.

May fund secretarial or clerical positions required for achievement of goals of the program.

School security personnel (e.g., school resource officers) who interact with students in support of youth drug and violence prevention activities implemented in schools is capped at 40 percent of the allocation.

Code 40:
Purchased Services

Consultant costs should be itemized, reasonable and supportive of the instructional program.

Medical services, drug treatment and rehabilitation are prohibited.

Referral to treatment for students who are victims of, or witnesses to, crime or who illegally use drugs, are allowed.

Code 45:
Supplies and Materials

Items with a unit cost under $5,000.

Supplies and materials should be supplemental and listed in categories that are clearly defined.

Supplies and materials must directly support a safe and drug free environment. Supplies and materials that are academic activities not related to drug and violence prevention activities are not allowed. (Tutoring program, summer school teacher supplies)

Materials, refreshments, etc. for parent involvement activities may be included in here.

Giveaways such as pencils, pens, etc. are not permitted.

Look for excessive costs for materials and supplies that take away from direct student services.

Social events and field trips with little or no connection to program objectives should not be approved.

Code 46:
Travel Expenses

Travel expenses are itemized appropriately including purpose and destination. Single-day conference attendance not aligned with program objectives or not part of a continuum of staff development should not be approved. The conference must be part of an ongoing sustained professional development.

Costs for transporting parents to meetings may appear here.

Code 80:
Employee Benefits
Benefits can only be claimed on staff positions identified in Codes 15 and 16, in the same proportion as FTE(s).
Code 90:
Indirect Cost

LEA may claim up two percent of the allocation. Indirect costs are treated as administrative costs.

If administrative costs are listed elsewhere,  indirect costs can be claimed only to the level that combined administrative expenses does not exceed two percent of the allocation.

Code 49:
BOCES Services

See purchased services.

Code 30:
Minor Remodeling
Title IV allows minor remodeling to accomplish SDFSCA purposes. No other construction is allowed. For example they could buy paint, carpeting, dividers, etc. to establish a room to carry out SDFSCA activities. Very few districts use this category.
Code 20:

All equipment with a unit cost of $5,000 or more.

All equipment must be itemized and properly described to include quantity, unit cost and proposed expenditures.  Computers should be used for SDFSCA software, etc.


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Last Updated: January 29, 2014