Office of Accountability

Fiscal/Budget Information

An FS-10 budget form and a budget narrative must be submitted for each Title in the Consolidated Application Update to provide an explanation of expenditures as they relate to each program.  Each FS-10 should include the name of the LEA/Charter School LEA, its 12-digit BEDS Code, and a 10-digit project number.

Project numbers are specific to each LEA/Charter School LEA.  For the first six digits of project numbers, all LEAs/Charter School LEAs should use the numbers listed below.  For the last four digits, LEAs/Charter School LEAs should use the sequence assigned to them for Title grants in 2009-10.  LEAs that have never applied for Title grants should leave the last four digits blank; the Department will assign a sequence upon receipt.

Title I, Part A & D

0021 17

Title II, Part A
0147 17
0293 17
Title III Immigrant
0149 17
Title VI (REAP)
0006 17

To expedite approval of FS-10s, LEAs/Charter Schools LEAs should ensure that the amounts listed in each budget category are the same as what is listed on the budget summary page and that the budget total does not exceed what is available to the LEA/Charter School LEA for that particular Title.  To promote accuracy, the Grants Finance website offers an Excel version of the FS-10 as well as NCLB allocation reports for each LEA/Charter School LEA.

Under federal regulation (EDGAR 34 CFR Section 76.708(a)), LEAs/Charter School LEAs may not obligate funds distributed by formula under any of the Titles in the 2016-17 Consolidated Application Update until the Update is submitted in substantially approvable form as determined by the State Education Department.  LEAs/Charter School LEAs are encouraged to submit their Consolidated Application Update in advance of the August 31, 2016 deadline.  The grant period for all Title grants is September 1 – August 31.


Last Updated: June 16, 2016