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Application/Required Forms

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  • 2014-15 Consolidated Application due 8/31/14 consolidated application update in word (693KB) All LEAs applying for Title I, Title II, Title III and/or Title VI funds must complete the base application.  New Charter School LEAs applying for the first time must complete all sections of the base Consolidated Application Update.  New Charter School LEAs do not need to complete the Accountability Addendum.
    • Accountability Addendum: - Consolidated Application (52-63 pages ) LEAs that were identified as Focus Districts and Focus or Priority Charter Schools (July 2013) are also required to complete the Accountability Addendum which includes many of the LEA and school improvement requirements from the ESEA Flexibility waiver.  LEAs should include the Accountability Addendum documents, due August 31, 2014, with their 2014-15 Consolidated Application Update submission.  Documents mailed separately will delay the review and approval of an LEA’s grants.
    • Improvement Set Aside Rates - excel doc(32KB)
  • Title I Application Supplement - is required to be submitted on-line and is due August 31, 2014, only by LEAs who expect to receive Title I, Part A funds. Please also submit a hard copy of the Supplement Form with your application.
    Note: Please be sure to click on the General Information link and the Section links within the form to view the instructions for completing this form.

  • Title I Comparability Report Form - is required to be submitted on-line and is due November 30, 2014.  Actual student and staff numbers in fall 2014 must be used in the calculations.  LEAs with 2014-15 enrollments greater than 1,000 students and that have any single grade level in more than one building must be sure to complete the full form.

  • Consultation/Collaboration Form (included in the 2014-15 Consolidated Application - page 20) is required to show evidence of mandatory consultation/collaboration in the development of the Consolidated Application Update and Title I Application Supplement. Guidance for this requirement is found at:

  • Private School Participation Form (included in the 2014-15 Consolidated Application - pages 34-38) is required for each private school within the geographic boundaries of the LEA.  Only Charter School LEAs are exempt from the requirement to consult with private school officials.  As in the past, LEAs must engage private school administrators in all private schools within the geographic boundaries of the LEAs in timely and meaningful consultation regarding the provision of educational services and other benefits that address the needs of eligible children.

  • Administrative Position Description Form(s) - (if applicable) due August 31, 2014 must be submitted on-line.  A hard copy of the form should also be attached to the FS-10 of the program Title from which the funds will be taken.

  • Transferability Form - is no longer required. LEAs only need to check the Transferability box on the Consolidated Application Checklist and indicate on the Budget Narrative and FS-10 the amount of funds to be included under transferability in the budget codes where the funds will be used.
    Note: The ESEA Flexibility waiver allows all LEAs, including Focus LEAs, to transfer the use of up to 100% of the funds they receive under Title II, Part A into Title I, Part A. The use of funds may not be transferred out of Title I, Part A. The Budget Narrative for Title II, Part A should be noted so the amounts can be easily found in the FS-10. However, certain restrictions and additional requirements relating to Equitable Participation under Title II, Part A may apply to LEAs with Private Schools. (See:

  • Charter School Enrollment/FRPL Form - (if applicable)

  • Title I Schoolwide Program Notification Form - (if applicable)
    Note: The ESEA Flexibility waiver allows LEAs to implement a school wide program in any of its Priority and Focus schools, even if those schools do not have a poverty percentage of 40 percent or more.

Last Updated: June 20, 2014