Office of Accountability

Submission Instructions|Timelines


Consolidated Application: ALL LEAs

  • One complete original application (blue ink signature) hard copy including Assurances and Certifications.
    • Hard copies of all appropriate Signature Pages;
      -Consultation/Collaboration Form
      -Private School Participation Form
      -Part D Neglected and Delinquent Form
  • Two CDs (PDF format) or flash drive labeled with LEA name/contact information.

Budgets and Amendments: ALL LEAs

  • Budgets (FS-10s) and Amendments: One original with signature (blue ink) and three Copies
    • Each Title Applied for: Titles IA&D,IIIA,IIIA,VIB (REAP)
    • All Budgets must also contain
      • Agency Code (LEA’s BEDS Code)
      • Project Number (LEA’s unique sequence; 1st 4 digits given)
Title I A & D 0021
Title II A 0147
Title III - LEP 0293
Title III - Immigrant 0149
Title VI (REAP) 0006
  • Budget Narrative: One for each Title applied for.

Compile and Submit:

  • Consolidated Application: one complete original hard-copy and two CDs/ flash drive (labeled)
  • Budgets (FS-10s): band together each Title (original and three copies) and narrative band together in Title order, begin with Title I, II, etc. following the Consolidated Application
  • Label Envelope: Districts identified as Good Standing OR Focus

Application & Budgets Should Be Sent To:

For LEAs and Charter Schools outside NYC

For NYC and Charter Schools in NYC

Grants Management
New York State Education Department
89 Washington Ave.
Room 481 EBA
Albany, NY 12234

Sisteria Spann , Supervisor
Title I School & Community Services
New York State Education Department
55 Hanson Place, Suite 578
Brooklyn, NY 11217



Consolidated Application consolidated application update in word (693KB) (Required)

Due 8/31/14

Accountability Addendum (Required for Focus Districts & Priority Focus Charter Schools - Consolidated Application - pages 51-63)

Due 8/31/14
District Comprehensive Improvement Plan(DCIP)/
School Comprehensive Education Plan (SCEP)
Due 7/31/14

Title I Application Supplement (Required)

Due 8/31/14

Title I Comparability Report Form (Required)

Due 11/30/14

Administrative Position Description Form (if applicable) A hard copy of this form should be included with the FS-10 of the program that is funding the position.

Due 8/31/14

Title I Schoolwide Program Notification Form (if applicable)

Due approx. 1 year prior to implementation

Charter School Enrollment/FRPL Form (if applicable) Due 4/4/14


Last Updated: May 27, 2014