Office of Accountability

Submission Instructions/Timelines



2010-11 DCEP Addendum Update:

Please submit one complete original plus three copies of the entire DCEP Addendum Update with original signature (in blue ink) of the Superintendent on the cover page.

Budget (FS-10) for all LEAs:

Please submit an original budget with an original signature (in blue ink), plus three copies for each Title applied for.  Please send them in Title order, beginning with Title I.  The FS-10s by Title must follow the original DCEP Addendum Update.

All budgets must contain an agency code (which is the LEA's BEDS Code), project number (which is the LEA’s unique sequence number), and a signature.

New York City School Districts must submit the following materials in the order listed:

  • One complete original and three copies of the entire DCEP Addendum Update
  • One original budget (FS-10) and three copies for each Title applied for.

Mail to:   

New York State Education Department
Office of Accountability
55 Hanson Place, Room 578
Brooklyn, NY  11217

Postmarked by August 31, 2010


2010-11 DCEP Addendum Update - coming soon

Due 8/31/10 (Required)

Program Information Report


Title I Comparability Report Form

Due 11/30/10 (Required)

Transferability Form A hard copy of the Transferability Form must be submitted with the Budget Narrative for the title that will be using transferability so the amounts can be easily found in the FS-10.  The amount to be transferred must be clearly shown.  Ex., Title IIA budget code 15 Transferability Title I Reading teacher .10 FTE. $4000. (if applicable)

8/31/10 (if applicable)





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