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February 2014

May 2014 -  Pending

February 2014Day One - February 27, 2014:

Examining the Highly Effective and Effective Sections of the DTSDE 2.0 Rubric: A Focus on SOP 2.5 and SOP 4.4 pdf (3308KB), Wendy Perdomo Presenter, Fellow for School Innovation

Assessing School and District Capacity for Transformation: Towards Smart Education Systems pdf (565KB), Warren Simmons, Ph.D Presenter

The Case for Fortified Environments by Dr. Pamela Cantor, CEO and President of Turnaround for Children and Tanya Johnson, Senior Director for Program Design, Turnaround for Children

Day Two- February 28, 2014:

Principal Panel Presentations Aligned to SOP 3.5

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November 2013

Day One - 11/18/13 - Diagnosing ELA Practice pdf(726KB) - Presenter Kate Gerson

Day Two - 11/19/13 - Diagnosing Math Instruction pdf(733KB) - Presenter Kate Gerson

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November 2012

Day One - 11/13/12
Vision, Capacity, Routines, and Outcomes: How the NYSDOE DTSDE and tripod surveys for school improvement can help guide the work pdf icon(426KB)  Presenter: Ronald Ferguson, Ph.D, Harvard University and Tripod Project for School Improvement

Day Three - 11/15/12
DTSDE & The Heart of Principal & Teacher Practice pdf icon(1,791KB)  Presenter: Kate Gerson, Senior Fellow for Common Core and Educator Engagement, Regents Research Fund  

Day Four - 11/16/12                                                                                                   Moving Forward: Building the capacity for effective family and community engagement pdf icon(777KB)  Presenter: Karen L. Mapp, ED.d, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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