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DTSDE Survey Information

As part of the review process, schools and districts will be required to submit survey results.  Below are the survey administration and submission process Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Are surveys a mandated part of the DTSDE process?

Yes, surveys of students in Grades 3-5 and 6-12, as well as surveys of teachers are mandated components of the in the DTSDE process for IIT and District-led reviews. NYSED also encourages districts to conduct parent surveys. Once sufficient numbers of vendors are available to conduct parent surveys, SED may begin to require them as part of the process.

Districts that are conducting School Reviews (focused on SDTSDE Tenet 3) with District Oversight are encouraged, but not required, to administer surveys as part of the school review.

2. Who pays for the surveys?

The District will pay for the surveys. Title I 1003(a) grant funds may be used to pay for the cost of the surveys in Title I Focus and Priority Schools.

3. Is the State supplying the survey to the schools?

The list of approved survey vendors can be found here: In addition to the surveys on this list, PLC Associates' Data Triangle surveys (The Community Engagement Survey, The Student Voice, and The School Performance Scan) are approved for use as part of the DTSDE review.  To contact PLC Associates regarding use of their surveys, please visit or email

Only a State approved survey vendor can be used for the DTSDE review process. If a survey vendor has submitted their survey to NYSED and is awaiting approval, a district should contact the Office of School and District Review so that further guidance can be provided.

4. To whom must the survey be administered?

Surveys must be administered to students in grades 3-5 and 6-12 and to teachers in Priority Schools and Focus Schools that are participating in a State led IIT school review or a District-led DTSDE review.

5. Must all teachers and students in a school participating in a State led IIT school review or a District-led Review Using DTSDE Protocols during the 2013-14 school year be surveyed?

Districts are encouraged to survey all students and teachers. At a minimum, sufficient numbers of students and teachers must be surveyed, as determined by the district’s selected vendor, in order to have a representative sample that will yield valid survey results.

6. If a district wishes to survey students in grade K-2 and/or parents, is this permissible? May the district use 1003(a) grant funds to pay for such surveys?

Yes, 1003(a) grant funds may be used to pay for surveys of students in grades K-2 and/or of parents in a Title I school receiving a State led IIT school review or a District-led DTSDE review during the 2013-14 school year.

7. If a district wishes to conduct surveys of parents and/or students in a Priority or Focus School that is participating in a School Review with District oversight, may the district use 1003(a) grant funds to pay for such surveys?

Yes, as long as the school is a Title I Priority or Focus School.

8. If a district wishes to conduct surveys district-wide or in schools that are Priority or Focus Schools, may the district use 1003(a) grant funds to pay for such surveys?

1003(a) grant funds may only be used to conduct surveys in Title I Priority and Focus Schools. 1003(a) grant funds may be used to pay for a district-wide survey only if all of the schools in a district are Title I schools that have been identified as Focus or Priority.

9. When are surveys to be administered?

Surveys are to be administered (whenever possible) before the review team visits the school. The surveys are a part of the pre-documentation review that will be reviewed by the IIT to gather a better understanding of the perceptions and support that are provided by the school to teachers, students, and parents. The surveys should uncover trends and practices at the school that will lead to the development of an inquiry trail for specific events by the review team.

10. What if we already have a tool we are using that is driving our CEPs?

Teacher and Student Surveys that have been approved for use in an Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) are also approved for use with the DTSDE.  These approved surveys may be found at

The survey tool must be State approved.  For information on the State RFQ (Request for Qualifications), application and process in order to become a State approved survey vendor please visit:

If a district administered an approved survey in the previous school year or will administer an approved survey in current school year for APPR purposes, the district need not administer the survey twice in a school year.

11. Where do we get more information on the surveys and the 7Cs to inform our PD?

The 7Cs is a concept that is unique to the Tripod survey instrument created by Dr. Ron Ferguson. The only vendor that is able to administer the Tripod surveys is Cambridge Education Consultants. For information on how to contact Cambridge, please go to:

The DTSDE website also has Dr. Ron Ferguson's PowerPoint posted where he described the 7Cs concept and survey.  The PowerPoint and video of that presentation can be accessed at

Last Updated: January 12, 2015