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November 2012 Institute

This November DTSDE guide is being offered as an online tutorial for those who want a refresher and/or reviewers who are new to the process. It has been customized to support the continued learning needs of districts, State IIT reviewers and new participants to the DTSDE process.

Beginning in November 2012, we brought together upwards of 350 State and District reviewers to professionally develop their understanding and awareness of how to use the Diagnostic tool to conduct district and school reviews with full fidelity. This tool allows reviewers to dig deeply into the school and district review work, develop their expertise and knowledge in strategies, and the best methods that turn around low performing schools. We are pleased to share this guide and training activities as a resource for your continued learning.

This guide was designed to assist with DTSDE learning in three distinct ways:

Districts:  For Professional Development Purposes

Districts that have participated in DTSDE Institutes this past fall and spring can use this guide as a turnkey for DTSDE training at their districts and schools. It will also provide both new and past DTSDE participants/reviewers with an opportunity to sharpen and hone their skills in the use of the rubric and DTSDE protocol.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the training activities that took place during three of the four days of the DTSDE November launch; complete with a timed power point and sample calibrated responses. Facilitators may choose to use all of the activities that are in this guide or may elect to do a subset of the training activities. As this guide is divided into timed training activities it can be used as a three-day training session or facilitators may opt to use specific tenets and/or activities for an in-depth training.

New DTSDE participants: SED IIT team or District based participants

Reviewers new to the DTSDE process can utilize any of the training activities embedded in this facilitator's guide as a self-study by following the steps outlined in each of the training activities, to build their capacity and understanding in the use and application of the rubric.  Completed sample responses to the templates and activities are included in the last section of the guide.  New DTSDE participants/reviewers seeking to use this guide as a self-study learning module are encouraged to complete all of the activities and check their completed templates against the sample response section. Please note that new DTSDE participants that choose to complete these training activities will become more familiar with the DTSDE protocol but will require face to face training and shadowing in order to develop a deeper understanding for the DTSDE rubric and the tools.

Prior DTSDE trainees: SED IIT team or District based participants

Former DTSDE training participants who attended our fall launch can juxtapose their completed templates from the training to the completed calibrated response templates included in the sample response section in the back of the facilitator's guide.

PowerPoint for November DTSDE On-Line Tutorials (two 8-Hour Days)

Training Guide for DTSDE Launch

Last Updated: December 29, 2015