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Title VI, Part B - Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP)



The Rural Education Achievement Program, or REAP, was established in ESEA/NCLB Title VI, Part B, to provide additional resources to assist rural districts in meeting state definitions for the  New York State Accountability System/ESEA Flexibility Waiver and adequate yearly progress (AYP). Formula allocations are provided to approximately 190 districts in New York State each year that are identified as meeting eligibility requirements for one of the three REAP programs, if applicable.

These three REAP components are the Small, Rural School Achievement program, or SRSA; the Rural, Low-Income Schools program, or RLIS; and REAP-FLEX. SRSA is administered by the US Department of Education, and RLIS and REAP-FLEX are administered by the New York State Education Department.

District eligibility for one of the three components of the program is determined by a number of variables including regional density, school population, census poverty data, and the amount of districts’ other NCLB Title allocations. Every year NYSED provides updated information to USDOE, which then calculates LEA eligibility for both program components using this and other data sources.

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Federal Component: Small Rural School Achievement (SRSA)

This program is administered by the USDE based on NYSED's data that is supplied annually,by April and/or May. SRSA is an on-line application process (only) that is housed on the USDE's G5 Empowering the Grant Community website at: external link

USDE has a toll-free G5 Hotline number for technical assistance with the SRSA application process: 1(888) 336-8930.

Eligible districts/leas are not always the same, since the eligibility is based on data submitted by NYSED, NCES and USDE calculations. Eligible districts/leas are notified directly, by USDE once the eligible districts are determined.

State Component(s): Rural Low-Income School Program (RLIS)

The RLIS are administered by the NYSED based on federal calculations from data supplied by the NYSED in March/April each year. The RLIS is administered by the NYSED (through the consolidated application process).


LEAs that are eligible for the Federally administered Small, Rural School Achievement Program (REAP-SRSA) are also allowed additional flexibility under the REAP-Flex authority to meet district needs in maintaining AYP. For 2016-17, REAP-SRSA LEAs will be able to use their Title II-A allocated funds under the REAP-Flex authority for activities allowed under each of the following programs:

    • Title I-A -Improving Basic Programs
    • Title II-A- Preparing, Training and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals
    • Title II-D– Enhancing Education Through Technology
    • Title III— Language Instruction for Limited English
      Proficient and Immigrant Students
    • Title IV-A— Safe and Drug-Free Schools and
    • Title IV-B– 21st Century Community Learning Centers
    • Title V-A– Innovative Programs

LEAs using the REAP-Flex authority must notate that they are doing so on their FS-10 budget for Title II-A and also on their budget narrative.

For a list of LEAs eligible for REAP-SRSA and REAP-Flex for 2016-17, go to external link to USDOEand click on the spreadsheet for New York.

New York State Title VI, Part B RLIS Program Consolidated Application


Last Updated: June 12, 2017