Growth Model Public Forum


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  1. Public Forum on New York State’s NCLB Growth Model Proposal
  2. Purpose of No Child Left Behind
  3. Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2007: Growth Model
  4. Next Generation Accountability System Design
  5. Accountability: Status vs. Growth
  6. Why Growth?
  7. No Title
  8. Two Types of Growth Targets
  9. New York State’s Proposal
  10. Constraints
  11. New York State: Local Initiatives
  12. SED’s Interim Growth Model Design Principles
  13. SED’s Interim Growth Model Design Principles
  14. USED Seven Core Principles
  15. USED Core Principles – cont.
  16. USED Peer Review Additional Specifications
  17. SED Draft Proposal
  18. NCLB Growth Model: General Approach
  19. “On-Track” Growth to Proficiency Example
  20. 3-8 Growth Model: Simplified Example
  21. Growth Model: Middle School Extension
  22. Middle Level Extension: Simplified Example
  23. 3-8 Growth Model: Implications for Schools
  24. Growth Model: High School Extension
  25. Growth Model: High School Values Table
  26. Timeline for NCLB Growth Models
  27. Building a “Growth for All” Model
  28. Building a “Growth for All” Model
  29. Approaches to “Growth for All” Models
  30. Define “Value-added”
  31. What do we value?
  32. What happens next?
  33. More Information

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