“On-Track” Growth to Proficiency Example

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Speaker Notes:

In determining whether a student has made enough growth, a line is drawn from where the student is to Proficient sometime in the future. (In this example it is four years from the time growth is first calculated.) If the student’s growth is on or above that line, then the student has made enough growth to be “on track to become proficient” within the allowed time. The school receives accountability credit for the student the same as if the student were proficient. [Ira and David, there is a slight difference between the “on-track line” and a “projection” method. In the “on-track line” approach, a line is drawn from where the student is to the proficiency cutscore in the target year, and then a judgment is made about whether the student’s performance in the “growth year” is on or above the line. I’ve used that language here and it is consistent with the Billy slide. A largely equivalent method is to calculate the growth a student achieves (blue line) and then project it a number of years into the future (green line), and then see if the end point of the projected line is at or above the cutpoint for the target grade.