Empirical Method for Setting Proposed Revised AMAO 1 Targets and Annual Growth Increments

  1. Determine adequate annual scale score gain as 43 scale score points (40th percentile gain) based on the matching data from 2006 and 2007 NYSESLAT administrations.

  2. Determine individual ELL’s AMAO 1 status using the three criteria: 1) advancing one overall proficiency level; 2) making 43 total score gain; or 3) score at Level 2 and above on the current year NYSESLAT for ELLs with one data point.

  3. Calculate the percentage of ELLs who made AMAO 1 in each district by dividing the sum of all students who made AMAO 1 by the total number of identified ELLs in the district for the current school year.