Office of State Assessment

Instructions for Printing the Parent Guide - English version

This file can be downloaded and printed in booklet format. You will need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and a printer with double-sided printing capabilities.

Note that not all printers are the same and that the Print dialog boxes may be arranged differently depending on your computer and printing system. You may have to click on "Properties" and/or "Advanced" buttons to find the necessary settings.

Also note that you might not be able to open this document with an older version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

To print the booklet:

  • Click the link for this document to open the booklet in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
  • From the File menu, select "Print."
  • From the Print dialog box, locate and select the setting for double-sided printing.
  • Select "Landscape" as the paper orientation option.
  • Select the "Short Edge" printer setting option.
  • Click the “OK” button to print the document.

Once the document is printed, it can be folded in half to create a booklet.

Last Updated: February 23, 2010