Office of State Assessment

Alternative Assessment Update

October, 2003

AP World History - The State Education Department has approved the Advanced Placement (AP) World History Examination as an alternative to the Global History and Geography Regents Examination. As soon as a minimum acceptable score is determined, that information will be posted.

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Guidelines for Research Projects - Effective September 2003, schools must use the Guidelines for Research Projects for the additional research project required as part of the SAT II United States History Examination. These guidelines have been put in place to ensure consistent practice across school districts and to provide an indicator of the performance expected of students for the research project. The Guidelines are listed below:

Guidelines for Research Projects for SAT II United States History Examination

Students must receive a score equivalent to an 85 on the United States History and Government Regents Examination. In addition to achieving the established score, students must complete a multi-source, in-depth research project that:

  • demonstrates understanding of major ideas, eras, themes, developments and/or turning points in history;
  • demonstrates the ability to use primary and secondary sources from a variety of perspectives;
  • demonstrates proficiency in standards-based social studies knowledge, skills and abilities; and
  • demonstrates the ability to use a range of social studies intellectual skills.

The above Guidelines conform to the New York State Social Studies Standards and Section Part 100.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Relating to General Education and Diploma Requirements.

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Minimum Acceptable Scores for SAT II Foreign Language Tests

In cooperation with The College Board and the Educational Testing Service, a minimum acceptable score of 560 has been set for the SAT II Korean Test with Listening. Previously, minimum acceptable scores had been set for SAT II Chinese Test with Listening at 560 and for SAT II Japanese Test with Listening at 480.

The State Education Department does not offer Regents examinations in these languages.

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