Office of State Assessment

Revisions to the Comprehensive Regents Examinations in Modern Languages

October 2002

To: District Superintendents
Superintendents of Public and Nonpublic Schools
Principals of Public and Nonpublic Secondary Schools

From: Gerald E. DeMauro, Coordinator of Assessment

Subject: Revisions to the Comprehensive Regents Examinations in Modern Languages

Revisions have been made to the format of the Regents Examinations in modern languages to better align them with the new standards for languages other than English (LOTE). These changes are effective for the June 2003 administration and will not affect the January 2003 Regents Examinations in French or Spanish. No changes have been made to the June 2003 Regents Examination in Latin.

The revisions in the modern language Regents Examinations are limited to Part 1: Speaking, Part 3c: Reading Comprehension, and Part 4: Writing. Part 2: Listening Comprehension and Part 3a and Part 3b: Reading Comprehension will remain unchanged. The distribution of credit for each part of the examination will remain the same, although the credit allocation within Part 4 will change.

The administration of the Part 1: Speaking section has not changed. However, new guidelines for the scoring process were developed to help teachers better assess student performance. Detailed directions for rating the Part 1: Speaking section are included in the document Regents Comprehensive Examinations in Modern Languages - Teacher's Manual for Administering and Scoring Part 1: Speaking. This document will be mailed in early April to all schools requesting these examinations. Schools may not begin administering Part 1 of the test until the teachers have had the opportunity to review the manual.

The Part 3c: Reading Comprehension section has been revised. Although this section will continue to consist of a long reading passage written in the target language, the questions and multiple-choice answers will be written in English.

The Part 4: Writing section has also been revised. Students will continue to choose two out of three tasks and have a picture stimulus provided as one of the three tasks. However, for each task that is chosen, students will be required to write at least 100 words in the target language. Each of the two writing tasks chosen will be worth 8 credits. In addition, teachers must rate each task according to a new writing rubric, which measures the dimensions of purpose/task, organization, vocabulary, and structure/conventions on a 0-to-4 scale and word count on a 0-to-2 scale.

In July 2002, the document Comprehensive Regents Examinations in Modern Foreign Languages, Test Changes and Sampler Draft, was sent to each school in the State. This document provides examples of the types of questions, the formats, and the scoring rubrics that will be included in the revised Comprehensive Regents Examinations in modern languages. It is available on the NYSED web site at: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/pub/publote.html.

Questions about the examination changes should be directed to either Al Martino, Office of Curriculum and Instruction, at 518-486-1718, or Ron Dygert, Office of State Assessment, at 518-486-5758.

DET 220 (10-02—3,450)

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