Office of State Assessment

December 2002
Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Submitting Examination Answer Papers

  1. Where are the shipping labels?

    Shipping labels are not provided as part of the NYSED Department Review. Each school or testing site is responsible for the cost of shipping answer papers, using a traceable carrier (UPS, FEDEX etc.). However, teal colored identification labels were sent by CTB to each school chosen to submit examinations for Department Review. The labels identify the shipment with the school name, beds code, and the number of boxes shipped.

  2. We lost/don’t have/didn’t get our identification labels can you send more?

    You can affix any adhesive label to the boxes. On each label simply note your school’s name, beds code, and the number of boxes you are shipping, for example 1 of 1, 1 of 2 etc.

    If you don’t have an adhesive label, you can write this information on the outside of the box.

  3. Where do we send the answer papers?

    Do we send our answer papers to NYSED?

    Please send the answer papers (with the identification labels provided) to:

    CTB/McGraw-Hill, 10234 Spaatz Way, Mather, CA 95655

    Note: You need to submit ALL answer papers – multiple choice (selected response) AND constructed response.

  4. How do we send back our answer papers? Do we need to secure the answer papers before sending them to you?

    Package your answer papers in a sturdy cardboard box that is secure enough to make the journey. Affix a teal identification label to each box and ship the materials to CTB via a traceable carrier. Please note your tracking number for future reference.

  5. Can we ship the answer papers in the metal lock boxes that we use to send
    examinations to the NYSED?

No, please don’t send your answer papers in the metal lock boxes. Those boxes are to be used only for sending materials to the NYSED. Use any sturdy cardboard box that is secure enough to make the journey safely and be sure to use a traceable carrier.

  1. What should we do if we did not administer the Examination Title(s) you’re

    Please circle the title of the examination(s) that you are NOT submitting on the "Notice of Department Review Form" (see Appendix A) and provide a brief explanation about why you are not submitting these answer papers. Send the Notice back to CTB:

    CTB/McGraw-Hill, 10234 Spaatz Way, Mather, CA 95655

  2. When will the answer papers be returned?

    Which test administration are you referring to? January, June or August?

    Test Administration June August January

    Delivery of answer papers back to schools

    September 15 October 10 March 30

    CTB randomly selects 10% of students’ papers submitted for the Department Review. A photocopy is made of the first page of those papers (biographical information, teacher score, etc.), and the photocopies will be returned, together with the complete answer papers of the students not selected to be part of the Department Review, on the date noted in the table above.

    Student answer papers selected for Department Review will be held at CTB until the final reports are approved by NYSED. These answer papers will be returned, with the score reports to the site that administered the examinations.

    Please note: you should keep a record of your teacher scores before you submit answer papers to CTB for Department Review.

  3. Can we get a copy of a student’s answer paper?

    Would CTB please send back an answer paper?

    If there is an urgent need for a student’s answer paper to be returned before the scheduled date, CTB can put in a request to pull that paper and copy it. We will get back to you within 48 hours with the expected arrival date at your school.

    We cannot fax answer papers to you due to security measures in place for the Regents Department Review.

  4. We did not receive a "Record of Department Review Form".

    A copy is available on the NYSED website as a PDF document which you can print.

    Please note: you need to complete a "Record of Department Review Form" for each title that you are submitting.

  5. We received a request for examination answer papers. What exactly should we send to you?

    Do you only want the answer sheets or every sheet that the students wrote on?

    Please send all examination answer sheets - multiple choice questions and student responses to open ended / constructed response questions.

    Schools are responsible for keeping a record of the teachers’ scores before answer papers are submitted to CTB. Additionally, local teacher scores must be entered as required in the appropriate places on the examination answer papers.

Dunning Notices (or Late Notices)

  1. What should we do if we did not administer the examination title(s) you’re

    On the "Notice of Department Review Form" please circle the title of the examination(s) you are not submitting, and provide a brief explanation about why you are not submitting the examination(s). Please return this form to CTB:

    CTB/McGraw-Hill, 10234 Spaatz Way, Mather, CA 95655

  2. We got a dunning notice, but we have already submitted our answer papers. Please can you confirm that you received our papers?

    It may be that the notice went out as you were sending in your answer papers. If you believe that they should have arrived already, we will take your information and confirm that your shipment has arrived.

    CTB will need the tracking number for your shipment and the person that signed for the shipment.

  1. We missed the deadline on the Dunning Notice, do we still need to send inour answer papers?

    Yes. NYSED has asked that if a school misses the deadline, they still must comply with the request to send in their answer papers.

Return of Photocopies and Exams

(June 2002 and future test administrations)

  1. Examination answer papers were returned to us for students who do not attend this school. What
    should we do we them?

    Was your school operating as a test center during summer school?

    If yes, per NYSED instructions, answer papers are returned to the site where the examinations were administered. Could you please forward the answer papers to the appropriate school.

  2. Answer papers were returned to us for another school with a name similar to ours. What
    should we do with these?

    If possible, could you please forward them to the correct school? If this is not possible then CTB will arrange for the answer papers to be picked up and delivered to the appropriate school – using a traceable carrier.

  3. We did not receive photocopies of answer papers that have been selected for Department Review.
    Does this mean none of our papers have been selected?

    If you received all of your original answer papers back, then your students’ examinations were not selected for the Department Review.

    It is possible that either the answer papers did not arrive at CTB prior to the deadline specified, or that we did not receive both multiple choice AND open ended response papers. Both sets of answer papers are required for Department Review.

    Please note: CTB maintains records of schools that did not submit answer papers on time and these records are available to NYSED.

Return of Photocopies and Examination Answer Papers

  1. We submitted more answer papers than were returned, where are theremaining papers?

    Please verify that you have received and have taken inventory of all boxes within your total shipment (it should be labeled as box 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.).

    If you have confirmed that no additional boxes are expected and that you are still missing answer papers, we will forward your list of missing papers for further investigation and get back to you within 48 hours.

Score Reports

(CTB sends a Multiple Choice Discrepancy Report, a Discrepancy Report and a Summary of Department Review for each exam title in the Department Review)

  1. Should we change students’ local scores to the rescore scores?

    Which score should we use?

    Can you tell me how to interpret the reports I received?

    How do I interpret the CTB score?

    The Department Review is conducted on a sample of student examinations, such that only a small number of students’ examinations in some of the participating schools are rescored. The purpose of the rescores provided by the Department Review is to help schools evaluate how their raters compare to the State’s rater (CTB/McGraw-Hill). Great discrepancies between a school’s scores and the state’s scores may suggest that the scoring process in that school should be reviewed. In order to determine which scores may be most appropriate to use, the Office of State Assessment at NYSED recommends that school administrators review the scoring keys and teacher guides to assess whether the local teacher scored according to the scoring rules and criteria. It is then at the discretion of the school’s administrators to determine if they want to use the "local score" or the Department Review "rescore" for their students’ examinations.

  2. How does CTB score differently than the local teacher?

    NYSED provides the oversight on CTB’s processes and approves rubrics, reports, etc. If you have not received guidance from NYSED, please contact them for information regarding the Department Review process.

    NYSED (Office of State Assessment) 1-518-474-5902

  3. I’m having trouble reading my copy of the report, would you please send another copy?

    Is this a copy of the original report sent to your school? If so, please ask your school administrator for the original to review and/or photocopy.

    Are you the addressee of the reports? Which report titles do you need reprinted?

    CTB will submit the request and let you know when they are being shipped.

  4. We received reports for our school as well as some that are for other schools. What should we do with them?

    Was the test administered during summer school?

    If yes, then NYSED instructions are that answer papers and reports should be returned to the site where the examinations were administered.

    It is likely that your school served as a summer school site for the August test administration. Please forward the answer papers and score reports to the correct school.

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