Question and Answer Document, Grade 4 Mathematics - 2004

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Q: Item 31, Practice Set # 3 – If the measurements are written on the printed rectangle, rather than drawing a new rectangle, would this still be acceptable for a score of 2?

A: Yes.

Q: 32e – Did the fact that right angles are drawn on the angles of the triangle affect the score?

A: No. We did not ask for angles to be drawn, so this is irrelevant. The score point reflects that the triangle was not traced as instructed.

Q: 33f – If the distance is written first, followed by the number of the ball, is this acceptable?

A: This is acceptable, as long as the ball number is written. The order is not important.

Q: In Item 34, will an equation or formula do for Part A?

A: No. The directions say, "show all possible combinations."

Q: 34e – In Part B, if the answer space is blank, would the work shown be enough to warrant a score of 2?

A: No. No numerical answer is found in the required work.

Q: 39c – Doesn’t the drawing show the start of a correct process, especially since two of the cans are separated from the other four cans?

A: Based on the work shown, there is not enough evidence to say that there is an understanding of a correct process, especially since the answer is incorrect. Drawings must be labeled or some other indication given (such as the use of arrows or circles) to demonstrate some understanding of a process. Just drawing balls in cans is an insufficient first step.

Q: In Item 44, can we accept .5 or 50% as probability?

A: Yes.

Q: 46f –Is the use of equations acceptable?

A: For 4th grade, equations are accepted when expressions are asked for as long as the equations are correct.

Q: In Item 47, are logic boxes acceptable for Part B?

A: Yes, if correct and in the proper space for Part B.

Q: In Item 48, why are we accepting bars touching in bar graphs?

A: We must remain consistent with how the field test was scored.


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