Updated February 2005
                                                                                                         December 2004

Implementation of New Mathematics Regents Examination

In its November 2004 report to the Board of Regents, the Mathematics Standards Committee made a number of recommendations related to high school mathematics and graduation requirements, including: 

We received public comment on these recommendations and the others in the Mathematics Standards Committee’s report through December 4, and no changes will take place until final action by the Board of Regents, with the discussion of PreK-8 standards expected in January 2005 and high school standards expected in March 2005.   The Department will develop a timeline for the new exams that is in keeping with the Committee’s recommendations and final Regents action.  At this point it is clear that, given the multi-year examination development process, the new mathematics Regents exam will not be administered by June 2006.   As we continue our review of this issue, we will keep you informed.