Office of State Assessment

Mandatory Collegial Review: 2007-08

A collegial review is a facilitated process in which a Lead Special Education Teacher (hereafter referred to as "teacher") who has compiled a NYSAA datafolio has a colleague, peer, or administrator who is familiar with the requirements for the 2007-08 NYSAA review student datafolio contents for errors, omissions or needed revisions.

Collegial review does not guarantee that a datafolio will meet the procedural requirements for the assessment. Collegial review provides feedback to the teacher on whether the appropriate connections have been made between the Alternate Grade level Indicators (AGLIs) and the assessment tasks selected for a given student.

Collegial review is required beginning with the 2007-08 administration of the New York State Alternate Assessment. The Department strongly recommends that teachers use the Checklist of Things to Remember in Appendix D of the 2007-08 NYSAA Administration Manual PDF file icon (72 KB) (September 2007) during collegial review.

Last Updated: January 4, 2010