Office of State Assessment


ProFile™ is a secure, web-based program designed to help all New York State Lead Special Education Teachers (LSETs) manage datafolios for each of their students participating in NYSAA 2006-07. ProFile™ (http://www.nysaaprofile.org/ external link icon) includes all of the required documents which can be filled out online, printed, and submitted for scoring in the traditional datafolio manner. There is no cost to the school district. Any teacher statewide can log on from any computer with internet access, using a password selected by the teacher. A User’s Manual is available from the website. If you encounter any access or programming issues please contact technical support by toll free telephone number 1-866-834-8880 or by e-mail to jcunningham@measuredprogress.org.
Last Updated: December 29, 2009