Quick Reference Sheet




Important Dates:


January 2 – March 9, 2007  -  NYSAA Administration Period (i.e., data collection period)

April 9 – May 11, 2007  -  NYSAA Regional Scoring Period



Age Ranges/Content Areas to be Assessed:


Students eligible for NYSAA, as determined by their CSE, must be tested on NYSAA consistent with the student’s chronological age in accordance with the chart below.  These dates and grades are different from the information posted in March 2006.  Note that elementary social studies is now being administered at grade 5.


2006-07 NYSAA Administration: Age Ranges/Content Areas


Birth Date

Reaches Age Given Between

September 1, 2006 and August 31, 2007

Grade 3 ELA, Math

September 1, 1997—August 31, 1998


Grade 4 ELA, Math, Science

September 1, 1996—August 31, 1997


Grade 5 ELA, Math, Social Studies

September 1, 1995—August 31, 1996


Grade 6 ELA, Math

September 1, 1994—August 31, 1995


Grade 7 ELA, Math

September 1, 1993—August 31, 1994


Grade 8 ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies

September 1, 1992—August 31, 1993


Secondary-Level ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies

September 1, 1988—August 31, 1990

17* to 18


*Note: NYSAA-eligible students with disabilities who will be leaving school before they reach their eighteenth birthday are encouraged to take the secondary–level NYSAA before they leave school (i.e. when they are 17 years old). 




Alternate Grade Level Indicators (AGLIs) are descriptions of student performance expectations for students with severe cognitive disabilities that are aligned with the learning standards and grade level core curriculum established for all students by the Board of Regents.


Datafolio is the scorable collection of student work that demonstrates student performance on assessment tasks reflecting the AGLIs for science, social studies, mathematics and English language arts.  The standardized forms of the datafolio help teachers organize student information and enable scorers to locate information more readily.  Follow the procedures in the 2006-07 Administration Manual for developing a scorable datafolio.  Discard forms from previous years.

2:3:2 = Formula for the Amount of Data to be Collected Per Content Area


Per content area, two AGLIs will be assessed.  Each AGLI will be assessed on three dates.  The two last dates of the assessment of an AGLI will require verifying evidence.  Note that there is no longer any variation in the amount of data to be collected at different grade levels.


Steps for Completing the Datafolio:


1.     Prepare to Administer NYSAA.

2.     Select AGLIs, two for each content area.

3.     Meet with parents and complete Parent Survey.

4.     Select assessment task corresponding to each AGLI.

5.     Prepare to collect data, keeping documentation criteria in mind.

6.     Conduct each assessment task on three different dates.

7.     Complete Verifying Evidence (VE) documentation for the last two dates of the three dates.

8.     Complete Data Summary Sheet reflecting performance on all three dates for the AGLI.

9.     Complete steps 4-8 for the 2nd AGLI for the content area being assessed.

10.  Complete steps 4-9 for each AGLI for the second content area, then the third and fourth content areas as required by birth date. 

11.  Assemble the datafolio according to standardized procedures described in the Administration Manual, using 2006-07 forms.

12.  Submit the datafolio to the building administrator no later than close of business on the last date of data collection, i.e., March 9, 2007. The building administrator will package and forward datafolios to the regional Score Site Coordinator who will coordinate the regional scoring institute. Only datafolios that follow procedures can be accepted for scoring.


Common Errors that Affect Acceptability for Scoring


Unless the datafolio content is completed per the procedures and criteria described in the Administration manual, it cannot be accepted for scoring and represents an administrative error.  It is recommended that teachers participate in collegial reviews of student datafolios throughout the administration period to help create scorable datafolios.  Common errors include:



-      For copies of the Administration Manual, including datafolio forms, the NYSAA Resource Guides and the latest information, please go to the Department’s Alternate Assessment website at: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/nysaa.html

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