Office of State Assessment

2010-11 Teacher Tools and Tips for NYSAA Administration

  • ProFileTM external link Handouts to Accompany the Training Video
  • Frequently asked questions about Test Accommodations and NYSAA. PDF (32 Kb)
  • Chart with Possible Test Accommodations for NYSAA - This chart serves as a resource for teachers to help them identify which test accommodations listed on the IEP are used during the administration of NYSAA. PDF (27 Kb) - Updated, 9/7/10
  • Contact information for training supports targeted for Lead Special Education Teachers before and during the 2010-11 NYSAA administration period.
  • NYSAA Forms – These forms are the current NYSAA Forms that must be used when assessing NYSAA and compiling a datafolio. Note: Please check the current NYSAA Administration Manual for additional forms that are required in the datafolio. The forms listed on this page do not include the NYSAA forms that are revised each year based on changes at the Department.
  • Informed Consent for Photographing, Video/Audio Tape Recording (Student)
  • Informed Consent for Incidental Photographing and Video/Audio Tape Recording of Classroom Peers
Last Updated: August 11, 2011