May 2003

TO: Selected School Administrators

District Superintendents

FROM: Gerald E. DeMauro

SUBJECT: Clarification on Time Allowances when Administering the NYSESLAT


General instructions in the NYSESLAT Manual for Administrators and Teachers conflict with more specific instructions contained within the Teacher's Guides regarding the time to be allotted to students for various sections of the test. The NYSESLAT is a timed test. The instructions concerning the time to be allotted to students for parts of the test specified in the Teacher's Guides for the Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing Sessions take precedence over the more general instructions in the manual. The instructions in the Teacher's Guides must be followed.

Students with disabilities who have extended time as a testing accommodation in their Individualized Education Program or Section 504 Accommodation Plan should be provided with that accommodation when taking the NYSESLAT. In addition, school principals may authorize extended time for this test for students who incur disabilities shortly before test administration as described on page 3 of the manual.