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April 2003


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New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT)

General Information

This memorandum provides information concerning the shipping, storing, administration, and return of test materials for the NYSESLAT. Each principal and superintendent is being sent one copy of this memorandum and the Manual for Administrator and Teachers.

Test Materials

The NYSESLAT has five grade levels: K-1, 2-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 9-12. Each grade level has four sessions: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Teachers will administer the Listening, Reading, and Writing sessions to groups of students in three sessions on the days of your schoolís choosing within the testing period. The sessions are not timed except for Listening for grade levels 2-12. That session follows the pacing of the audiocassette tape. Most students in grades 2-12 should be able to complete the Listening, Reading, and Writing sessions in about 50 minutes each. Students in grades K-1 should take about 25 minutes for their sessions. Since these times are approximate, teachers should give students a reasonable amount of additional time to finish any portion of these sessions.

Teachers must administer the Speaking session to students individually at a location separate from other students during the NYSESLAT testing period. They should allow 15 minutes to test each student in grades 2-12 and 10 minutes to test each student in grades K-1.

 Administration Schedule

All schools must administer the Listening, Reading, and Writing sessions of the NYSESLAT to their limited-English-proficient (LEP) students between May 14 and May 30, 2003. Schools that have fewer than 500 LEP students are required to complete the administration of the Speaking session within this same time period. Schools that have 500 or more LEP students may extend the time period for administering the Speaking session only until June 13, 2003. The Department suggests that schools administer the Listening, Reading, and Writing sessions in that order. However, schools may administer these sessions in a different order for some or all students if doing so will help the school complete this testing.

The Department will provide test books and Teacherís Guides for each grade level and each session of the test. It will provide prerecorded audiocassette tapes for use in administering the Listening session in grades 2 and above. The Department will also provide answer sheets and labels for use by nonpublic schools. Public schools must obtain answer sheets and labels from their regional information center or large-city school district office. The answer sheets will be used to record student responses for all questions in the Listening and Reading sessions. They also contain fields where raters will record student scores for the Writing and Speaking sessions and demographic information that must be reported for each student.

 Shipment and Security of the Tests

Schools will receive all of the secure materials necessary to administer and score the NYSESLAT in either one or two shipments, depending upon the specific grade levels the school has requested. All secure materials needed for grades K-6 will be packed together in one shipment, and the secure materials for grades 7-12 will be packed together in a separate shipment. Each shipment will include a shipping notice that itemizes all of the test material included in that delivery. Both of these shipments of the NYSESLAT will be delivered by UPS and may be delivered at any time between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You should expect delivery of your NYSESLAT materials by noon on May 13, 2003.

Schools that do not receive their shipment(s) of secure test materials by noon should track the shipment of test materials to them from the Department on the Internet. Go to: Click the Reference Number tab. In the Reference Number field, type the 12-digit BEDS code of the school where you indicated you wanted your tests to be shipped. If you are unable to track your shipment or notice some other irregularity, contact the Office of State Assessment via fax at 518-474-1989.

As soon as each shipment of test materials arrives at the school or other approved location, it should be checked to verify that all materials indicated on the shipping notice have been received. Secure test booklets and secure Teacherís Guides should be counted through the sealed packages without opening them. If the sealed package has not been opened but a discrepancy of more than five exists in the number of test books, write the exact number received on the shipping notice and contact the Department via fax at 518-474-1989. (It is not necessary to contact the Department about discrepancies of less than five as long as the sealed package has not been opened.) Shrink-wrapped secure test books and Teacherís Guides for all sessions must not be opened until the day(s) on which the test is scheduled to be administered.

The Department will provide packages containing scoring materials for the Speaking and Writing sessions. Studentsí responses to the questions in the Speaking session are scored by teachers as this part of the test is being administered. The packages containing the scoring materials for the Speaking session may be opened and provided to teachers prior to the date of administration of this part of the test so that teachers can familiarize themselves with the procedures and rubrics for scoring. Student responses to the questions in the Writing session are scored by teachers after this part of the test has been administered. The scoring materials for the Writing session may not be opened until after the test has been administered in the school. (Scoring materials are not provided for the Listening and Reading sessions, as these will be scored by the large-city assessment office or regional information centers.)

The secure location where test materials are being stored should be checked daily to ensure that the test materials have not been tampered with and that the test materials remain secure. The combination or key to the storage location must be maintained under strict security conditions to preclude access to the test materials by students and other unauthorized persons. Please note that after the tests have been administered, all test materials except for the Manual for Administrators and Teachers must be collected and securely stored until it is time to send answer sheets for scanning and secure test materials to the secure destruction site.

Sending Test Materials for Secure Destruction

The Department will provide prepaid UPS Authorized Return Service labels for the NYSESLAT test materials. After your school has administered all sessions of the NYSESLAT and raters have recorded on the student answer sheets all the scores earned by students for Session 3ĖWriting and Session 4ĖSpeaking, account for all secure test materials as follows:

Pack these materials in the carton(s) in which they were shipped to the school, affix the label(s), and send them for secure destruction to: Empire Recycling Corp., 64 North Genesee and Lee St., Utica, NY 13503. Schools may retain copies of the Manual for Administrators and Teachers for future reference.

Do not send your studentsí answer sheets to Empire Recycling Corporation.

Be sure that the responses of your students in Grades K-2 to the questions in their Listening and Reading test books have been transcribed onto each studentís machine-scorable answer sheet before sending their test books to the destruction site.