Office of State Assessment

Call For NYS Certified Teachers

It is very important to NYSED that we develop fair and valid tests for the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) Testing Program on an annual basis. Therefore, we are calling for NYS bilingual, English as a Second Language, and English Language Arts teachers that are interested in participating as a committee member for any of the following test development processes for the NYSESLAT:

  • Range Finding- reviewing and scoring student’s field tested constructed responses to select anchor papers for the test scoring guides. Dates TBD. Location: Albany, NY
  • Item Review  - examine, discuss and select the test questions that are most appropriate for each modality. Dates TBD. Location: Albany, NY
  • Final Eyes Review - take a last look at the final stages of the current year operational test to determine if any minor revisions are needed prior to printing  Tentative dates: December Location: Albany, NY

Your participation as a committee member in each of the testing processes is very important. We value your expertise as a currently practicing New York State educator. It is also critical that these processes include a wide range of diverse teachers from across New York State to represent our diverse student population.

Committee members will find that the experience of interacting with fellow educators is invaluable.  Additionally, your school district will benefit from having their voice heard.

 *** (Honorarium will be paid and all travel expenses will be reimbursed for participants) 

Please refer to the recruitment form for more information regarding how to apply.  Please submit an application if you have not submitted an application in the past 12 months or if any of your contact information needs to be updated. All qualified applicants will be entered into our NYSESLAT teacher database and will be notified if they are selected to participate in any of the above activities.

Information and Application for New York State Certified Teacher Participation Opportunities.

Last Updated: April 27, 2015