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Training for NYSESLAT Test Administration

Discussion on Test Administration


  1. Four modalities
    1. Reading, writing, listening, speaking item types (samples)
    2. K-1 teachers will dictate listening passages. For other grade levels, there will be a pre-recorded tape.
    3. Need tape players for listening test
    4. Anyone can bubble multiple choice answers for K, 1, and 2 students.
    5. Students w/disabilities accommodations (see Q & A)
    6. Home schooling (see Q & A)
    7. May 14-30, 2003. The speaking tests should be given and scored in this time frame.
    8. Writing and Speaking - there will be training materials for scoring
    9. ELA or ESL certified teachers who are trained and can score writing and speaking.
    10. SCDN - Regional scoring
  1. Role of RICS
    1. Provide answer forms.
    2. Collect raw scores.
    3. Send student data to SED.
    4. Convert raw scores to scale scores, and notify schools.
  1. Research studies
    1. Audit (like MI for grade 4/8)
    2. Rescore - 500 paper for speaking and writing at each level.
    3. Prior to test administration date - different directions.
    4. Rescore - research purposes - reliability.
  1. Experimental studies
    1. ELA & NYSESLAT items - (approximately 30 minutes) - done by June - all multiple choice
    2. There are ten forms that will be given to 2000 students each. The ESL forms will be given to all grade levels. The ELA forms will be given to grades 4 and 8.
    3. Schools sampled will be notified prior to the test administration date.
    4. These tests should be administered after the operational exams have been given.
    5. Test papers will be sent to SED.
    6. SED will provide the answer form.


  1. Order forms (copies/memo)
    1. Public and non public
    2. Home school ESL students
    3. NCLB - districts that do not submit Part 154 - how do they identify students?
    4. Part 154 - anytime of the year
    5. Supplemental system - yes, there will be a mechanism for getting tests
    6. Centers of non-pubs
    7. Non publics who give ELA and Math - might be the ones who would give NYSESLAT - non-public provide services - keep them informed
    8. Districts that did not identify LEP in Part 154
    9. What if they need more tests? (Send in request on school letterhead)
    10. They may not Tape secure test material unless requested as a part of Research studies.
  1. Teacher directions (see sample)
    1. Answer docs from RICS - tape recorder
    2. Bubble in raw scores for Speaking and Writing
    3. Getting tests back to RICS determined regionally
    4. There will be a set of directions for each of speaking, writing, listening, and reading for K-12.
    5. Confidentiality statements
    6. Copy and collect it
    7. Return test papers to central location. Be sure to separate student answer forms.
    8. Security
    9. Administration times