Intermediate-Level Technology Test
Date of Introduction: June 2001

Test Description:

The Intermediate-Level Technology Test is a program evaluation test. It is designed to help districts identify specific areas of the middle school technology education program that may need updating or modification to help students achieve the intermediate-level standards in technology.

The Intermediate-Level Technology Test should be administered to students in the grade in which they will have completed one full unit of intermediate-level study in technology education. While this is typically grade 8, students in some schools will be completing this instruction in grade 7.

The items on the test are correlated to the seven key ideas of standard 5 of the Learning Standards for Math, Science, and Technology at the intermediate level. The recommended syllabus for the course, Introduction to Technology Grades 7 & 8 is closely aligned with these seven key ideas. Additional information can be found in the Guide to the Intermediate Assessment in Technology on the NYSED website at

The test consists of approximately 40 multiple-choice questions (Part I) and 10 extended response questions (Part II). The test should be administered in one 90-minute session in June.

Test Blueprint:

Key Idea from the Learning Standards for Math, Science, and Technology Percentage of the Test
Engineering Design 20%
Tools, Resources and Technological Processes 25%
Computer Technology 20%
Technological Systems 10%
History, Evolution of Technology 10%
Impacts of Technology 5%
Management of Technology 10%

Scoring the Test:

The extended-response questions will be locally scored by technology teachers using a scoring guide provided by the State Education Department. More suggestions for scoring will be included with the materials that accompany the test. Answer sheets will be provided that will facilitate scanning of the multiple-choice questions.

Program Evaluation Data:

The test results will reflect students’ understanding of the key idea areas being taught in a school or district. A guide to program evaluation will be provided to help interpret the test results. This data will provide teachers, schools, and districts with information regarding:

  • the degree to which the standard key idea areas are being addressed through instruction
  • strengths and weaknesses in their technology program
  • possible areas for program modification and professional development

The guide to program evaluation will provide a set of tables and charts to provide schools and districts with data aimed at program improvement and professional development. The guide to program evaluation has not been finalized but it will provide a useful way to analyze data at the school and district level. School results will also appear on the School Report Card published by the Department annually.

Information Sessions:

In conjunction with the New York State Technology Education Association (NYSTEA), professional development and general information sessions regarding the assessment have been planned. Information regarding these sessions can be found on the NYSED website at

Further information about ordering, administering, and scoring the test will be provided during the 2000-2001 school year. Questions about the test should be directed to the following Department staff:

Content/curriculum questions    Eric Suhr, Curriculum and Instruction
                                                Phone: (518) 486-3659

Test administration questions     David Moore, Test Administration
                                                Phone: (518) 474-5099

Test development questions      Judy Pinsonnault, Test Development
                                                Phone: (518) 486-2245