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Guidance and Information

CR Part 154-2 Units of Study TablesPDF File

CR Part 154-2 Units of Study Tables GlossaryPDF File

ELL Identification Process Chart PDF File

ELL Identification Chart Guidance PDF File

Entitlement Letters to Parents

Home Language Questionnaires (HLQs)

Sample Parent Letters for Exiting ELLs



Blueprint for English Language Learners Success

Information on requested ESEA amendment regarding testing exemption for ELLs and creation of a Native Language Arts assessment

NYSED Presentation on Enrollment Procedures for Immigrant Students 2014

Graduation Requirements for English Language Learners (ELLs) October 2014

Accommodations for former ELLs Approved by NYSED Board of Regents 2008

LEP/ELL Program Evaluation Toolkit (LEP/ELL PET)PDF icon: A Self-Evaluation Tool for the Review of Educational Services to Limited English Proficient/English Language Learners

NCLB Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act: LEP/ELL Considerations: Recommendations from LEP/ELL Educators in New York State PDF icon (210 KB)

Response to Intervention (RtI) PDF icon (495 KB)
Web page: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/RTI/guidance/cover.htm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Guidance Documents

These Guidance Documents were created in collaboration with the New York State - Bilingual/English as a Second Language (ESL) Technical Assistant Centers (NYS-BETAC) to assist Districts/Schools with the diverse educational needs of English Language Learners (ELLs).

Art as a Tool for Teachers of ELLs PDF icon (2.85 MB)

A Resource Guide for Educating Refugee Children and Youth in New York State PDF icon (460 KB)

Link to the Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance (BRIA) web site "Welcome to Our School Program". This program is designed to ease the transition of refugee children into the elementary and secondary schools of New York State

Bilingual Glossaries

Chinese - Native Language Arts Curriculum - Secondary School Level

PDF icon (275 MB)

                 FL Benchmarks PDF icon (185 MB)

                 FL Performance TaskPDF icon (75 MB)

                 FL Scope and Sequence PDF icon (117 MB)

Directory of Spanish resources PDF icon (1.66 MB)

Guide for Parents of Limited English Proficient Students in New York State 

PDF icon (416 MB)

Guidelines for Educating Limited English Proficient Students with Interrupted Formal Education (LEP/ELL SIFES) PDF icon (2.46 MB)

Haitian Creole Language Arts Curriculum (Grades K-5) PDF icon ( 382 MB)

         Grade K  PDF icon ( 298 MB)                   Grade 3  PDF icon ( 400 MB)

         Grade 1  PDF icon ( 366 MB)                   Grade 4  PDF icon ( 403 MB)

         Grade 2  PDF icon ( 405 MB)                   Grade 5  PDF icon ( 413 MB)

Promising Instructional Practices for Secondary English Language Learners(7-12) PDF icon ( 742 MB)

Resource Guide for the Education of New York State Students from Caribbean Countries Where English is the Medium of Instruction

(Also know as English Speaking Caribbean Students) PDF icon (2,079 MB)

Suggested Spanish Literature and Reading Books - Resource Manual

PDF icon (533 KB)

Technology in the LEP/ELL Classroom PDF icon (1.52 MB)

Two-Way Bilingual Education Programs: A Resource Guide PDF icon (810 MB)


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