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Updated 1997

Spoken by Students of Limited English Proficiency in New York State Programs.


This publication has been developed as a resource guide for school districts that provide services to pupils whose native language is other than English. It is intended to assist districts in identifying the languages spoken by some limited English proficient students in New York State. It is not an all-inclusive inventory of the nations and/or linguistic systems of the world.

Two lists of languages and countries are provided. List A alphabetizes the languages that are spoken by students of limited English proficiency in New York State school districts, and identifies the corresponding countries where those languages are spoken. List B is alphabetized by country, and indicates the major languages spoken in each.

We hope that this publication will be useful in identifying student language backgrounds.

Because of the thousands of tribal languages and dialects that are spoken in the world, only those whose speakers number over 250,000 and/or those that were reported by New York State school districts have been included in this directory

The 1997 updated edition Directory of Languages Spoken by Students of Limited English Proficiency in New York State Programs was edited by Dorothea Heberle, Coordinator of the Erie 1 BOCES Bilingual Education Technical Assistance Center (BETAC).

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Dr. Craig Packard at the Center for Applied Linguistics, as well as the staff of the New York State Education Department, Office of Bilingual Education.

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